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Hub Orientation This course is designed to introduce you to The Hub, NCDA's online learning platform. Complete this orientation course to learn more about how the platform works and what you can expect when you enroll in an on-demand course. You'll get practice with the platform's navigation tools, experience a sample course assessment, and learn more about continuing education credits. This course is free with the registration in any other course. Navigate an on-demand course in The Hub on your own.
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NCDA Podcast Course: Presidential Series with Dr. Sharon Givens Earn two (2) continuing education credits for interacting with this three-part interview series hosted by Dr. Sharon Givens, NCDA President 2021-2022. This series was originally produced for the Career Practitioner Conversations with NCDA podcast. Identify trends associated with the future of work that are impacting employees, employers, and career development professionals. Explore ways to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as a career development professional. Develop an understanding of the interconnectedness of mental health and career planning as a career development professional. 2 $69 / $99 POD001 3/1/23
DEI: Use of Inclusive Language One of a series of NCDA's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) topics, the purpose of this course is to define inclusive language, discuss its role in career development for students and clients, and identify tangible ways to encourage and implement inclusive language in the workplace. Recall the basic definition of inclusive language. Describe why inclusive language is important for career development and workplace communication. Identify the benefits of inclusive language for students and clients across career settings. 1 $69 / $99 DEI001 3/1/23
DEI: Understanding Microaggression One of a series of NCDA's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) topics, the purpose of this microcourse is to understand the history of microaggression and learn effective ways to reduce and eliminate the use of microaggressions with students and clients in career development and workplace settings.  Recall the definition and history of microaggressions. Identify examples of microaggressions and the implicit biases associated with each. Recognize how one's own behavior and biases can contribute to microaggressions. Recommend action steps students and clients can use to eliminate and resolve microaggressions in the workplace. 1 $69 / $99 DEI002 3/1/23
DEI: Working with Diverse Career Development Teams One of a series of NCDA's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) topics, the purpose of this microcourse is to provide effective tools and strategies to work with career development teams across social and generational differences.   Describe the value of diversity to your career development team. 2 $89 / $119 DEI003 3/1/23
Career Developments Magazine - Winter 2022 This course provides an opportunity to earn CEs through reading NCDA's quarterly membership magazine, Career Developments.   1
$49 / $79
CDW22 3/1/23


*updated 3/1/2023

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