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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the NCDA Facilitating Career Development Training Program?

What will I learn?

What kind of job might I get with the training?

Tell me more about the Facilitating Career Development Training Program.

I'm interested. How can I get trained?

How do I find a training program?

I've looked at the training calendar but I still can't find a course.

I still can't find a course!

I just finished the course, now what?

I have completed the training, have the GCDF Credential, and several years of experience. Where can I go from here?

How do I become an NCDA Instructor?

I've been an NCDA Instructor for several years and have conducted numerous courses. Where can I go from here?

What are the three tiers of NCDA Training?

I've been through an approved NCDA Instructor Training Workshop and I would like to be listed on the NCDA Instructor Registry. How do I do this?

I am a trained NCDA Instructor and I am not listed on the NCDA Instructor Registry nor do I have my GCDF Credential. Are there any requirements that I must meet in order to teach the course?

What is the difference between a Career Services Provider, a Career Development Facilitator and a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF)?

Where do Global Career Development Facilitators work?

How can a GCDF credential be obtained?

Why was the GCDF credential developed?

Which groups were involved in the development of the concept?

I work full time and don't feel I have the time to be in a classroom for training. What are my options?

Where can I purchase NCDA's curriculum?

Who do I contact for more information?