October 30.2010


NCDA Board of Directors

October Retreat and Board Meeting

Hyatt Regency San Antonio

October 30, 2010

Approved January 6, 2011


Meeting called to order 8:05 AM (Butler)


Roll call (Severy).

Present: President Cheri Butler, President-Elect Deb Osborn, Past President Pat Schwallie-Giddis, Trustee-at-large Rebecca Dedmond, Western Trustee Michelle Beese, Trustee-at-large David Blustein, Treasurer Marsha Boettger, Southern Trustee Ron Cathey, Midwest Trustee Brian Taber, North Atlantic Trustee Mark Danaher, Secretary Lisa Severy, Executive Director Deneen Pennington.

Absent: Governing Council Rep Spencer Niles (he is attending the ACA Governing Council meeting)


Agenda (Butler)

Add: Budget for FY 2010-11

Add: ACA Service Project

Add: ACA Awards Nominations


Motion #1

Move to accept agenda as revised (Appendix 1)

Moved by: Pat Schwallie-Giddis

Seconded by: Rebecca Dedmond

Motion passed 10-0.


Motion #2

Move to approve July 2, 2010 meeting minutes as revised (Appendix 2)

Moved by: Marsha Boettger

Seconded by: David Blustein

Motion passed 10-0.


Membership Report (Pennington) - Appendix A

Working on encouraging GCDFs to become members by embedding fee in course registration. Also targeting career center directors. Do we have a membership growth goal? “Each One, Reach One,” has been discontinued. Should it be revived? Deneen Pennington has done outreach to counselor educators to ask them to encourage their students to join. Leadership Academy project last year indicated that there are two paths to membership, those who want to provide information to others and those who want to absorb information and network. Packaged presentation about NCDA should help (ACTION ITEM: Lisa Severy and Ron Cathey will be working on this hopefully with the assistance of Rich Feller). Cheri Butler believes a goal of 5,000 is good. We should enlist state CDAs by encouraging them to help us grow. Since the conference usually hooks in members, we may want a “first-timers” event. ACTION ITEM: Deneen Pennington and Cheri Butler will coordinate first-time conference attendee’ event.


Motion #3

Move to set goal of reaching 5,000 members by next year’s conference.

Moved by: Pat Schwallie-Giddis

Seconded by: Deb Osborn

Motion passed 10-0


Treasurer’s Report (Boettger) Appendix B


Motion #4

Move to transfer $100,000 from special projects reserve account to the operating reserve account.

Moved by: Marsha Boettger

Seconded by: Deb Osborn

Motion passed 10-0


Budget for FY 2010-11 Appendix C

Budget adjustment: Peru carry-over is listed twice. Line under “international fees” needs to be removed. Also need to increase CDF Curriculum Sales $49,000.


Management Services fee request is returned to 2007-2008 levels.


CDF Supervisor training new, so we don’t project it will make money this year. It should by next year.


Motion #5

Move to accept NCDA FY 2010-2011 Budget as revised

Moved by: Pat Schwallie-Giddis

Seconded by: Ron Cathey

Motion passed 10-0



  1. Gallup Task Force (Butler)

Committee sent many letters to solicit partners for funding a new study. Item was discussed at the brain-trust meeting in San Francisco. They recommended finding a source other than Gallup. Advantage of Gallup is that it has significant name recognition. Information is needed by new advocacy/ government relations person. It is pretty clear that we won’t get additional funding. If we went with Gallup, we would design the survey (update the last one) and they would run it. Are there other, notable services that may be less expensive? Pew, Harris? What about a university survey center like Michigan, Ohio State? Should we continue to research this process or is it time to just make a decision and move forward? Could be huge for marketing. We could scale back the size of the project to save some money. If we were to hit our new membership target, it would cover this expense. Research Committee should get to review proposals received from Gallup and/or Pew. Research Committee should also start reviewing the old questions (and should consult with Janet Lenz). ACTION ITEM: David Blustein will share plans for this project with the Research Committee.


Motion #6

Move to amend NCDA FY 2010-2011 Budget to add $50, 000 funding for survey.

Moved by: Lisa Severy

Seconded by: Mark

Motion passed 10-0


Motion #7

Move to seek proposals from Gallup and Pew to run survey

Moved by: Lisa Severy

Seconded by: Deb Osborn

Motion passed 10-0


ACTION ITEM: Rebecca Dedmond will contact Gallup. Deneen Pennington will contact Pew.


2. Government Relations Specialist (Schwallie-Giddis)

Group sent out a call for proposals but not too many people responded. Group decided not to rush and will hope to bring someone on-board in January. Challenge is that we have different constituencies and may want to narrow down to one or two hot items. Job training and creation monies may be available after the election. NCDA should be in the middle of the conversation on how those funds are allocated. NOICC/SOICC-type system should be part of the conversation as well.


3. International CDF Master Trainers Criteria/Procedure (Pennington) Appendix D

Developed by Judy and Howard, approved by CDF Council.

Motion #8

Move to approve Selection Criteria for NCDA CDF International Master Trainer

Moved by: Marsha Boettger

Seconded by: Ron Cathey

Motion passed 10-0

4. International Symposium Update (Schwallie-Giddis) Appendix E

In development for 2013 conference in Boston. Sponsors from 2010 are interested in sponsoring again. International Public Policy conference that Skip Niles and Pat Schwallie-Giddis were to go to in Hungary will probably be cancelled. Feedback from 2010 participants shared and fourteen action items were identified. This information will be shared with the International Committee. ACTION ITEM: Pat Schwallie-Giddis will ask Jane Goodman for an update for the March meeting.


5. Hyatt Union Situation (Blustein) Appendix F

David Blustein corresponded with Hyatt, union rep, and reporter covering this story. David Blustein recommends sending a statement of protest to Hyatt on behalf of NCDA given their treatment of workers in relation to their economic situation. How would this impact our negotiating in the future should we decide to use Hyatt? When we choose a location, we seek proposals from everyone that can accommodate our needs and ask for bids. This issue is both a moral and an economic one. ACTION ITEM: Deneen Pennington will see if we can get a meeting or phone conference with someone else from Hyatt to continue the discussion.


Motion #9

Move that NCDA express concern about labor relations with Hyatt, that Deb Osborn and David Blustein draft a letter to be reviewed by the NCDA Board, that Deneen Pennington seek a conference call with Hyatt, and that members are kept informed of what the board has done to approach the situation.

Moved by: David Blustein

Seconded by: Deb Osborn

Motion passed 10-0


6. Legislative Platform Document (Butler) Appendix G. Review is assigned to Government Relations committee, due back in March.


7. CDF Supervision Module: Second pilot in April with full roll-out this summer or early next fall. Funded by the Japan Career Association. Curriculum is shared copy right with JCDA so that one party can edit and can just inform the other party. Judy has been working on the project, especially as it relates to experiential activities. Will mirror the CDF model. Haven’t made a decision about credentialing. May be marketable to career center directors, one of our targets for development this year. May also be helpful to counselor educators for intern training site hosts. Also important in one-stop centers. CDF Council should review the idea of developing stand-alone modules from the current content which may be marketable to different markets.



1. Krumboltz Webinar in November (Butler) Appendix H. Everyone encouraged to get the word out. This is our first attempt at this, so it’s hard to judge enrollment levels. We should be able to recoup expenses based on current enrollment. Moving forward, we may want to build in membership dues to the charge for non-members for these types of events. For this event, Deneen Pennington is going to send free memberships to all non-members who’ve registered. In the future, we should be able to get speakers (NCDA members, etc) free of charge. David Blustein volunteered! ACTION ITEM: Deneen Pennington will send out a revised flyer with free membership details.


2. Mentoring Committee Recommendations (Boettger) Appendix I. Marsha Boettger has recommended to Romona Camarata (chair of Mentoring Committee) that the group be more targeted by looking for subject matter experts for one-time interactions rather than long-term mentoring. Also recommended group mentoring events (like at a conference) rather than one-to-one. Proposal was mostly one-to-one. If that is to proceed, clear guidelines and expectations for mentors and mentees are needed. Romona is taking these recommendations back to the committee, but she asked that their strategic plan be considered. Board felt many of the expenses were unnecessary and could be significantly reduced by using technology. Doesn’t seem to be a clear plan other than developing more mentors, which hasn’t really been working. There is a customer service issue as some people have been on the wait-list for a long time. Seems more progress in this area is done through the Leadership Academy. Between the Leadership Academy and new First-Timers event at NCDA, we may be able to meet the mentoring needs without the labor-intensiveness of a formal mentoring program. Committee should know that most committee budget requests are less than $50. We don’t want to discourage the committee’s enthusiasm, but new models (like the “Ask an Expert” piece) seem much more viable. ACTION ITEM: Marsha Boettger will continue conversation with Mentoring Committee with update for next meeting.


3. Discussion Points for ACES Division (Dedmond) Appendix J. Generally three requests: continued conversation with leadership regarding the ACES-ACA syllabus clearinghouse, NCDA leadership packet, and $100 for expenses. Rebecca Dedmond will follow-up for more information from Tracy Lara (co-chairperson). Group’s goals include infusing energy into career development curricula in counselor education. Action Item: Add to agenda for future meeting for more discussion.


4. Board Approval for funds for Centennial (Butler) Roger Lambert is spear-heading centennial committee with Cheri Butler, Rich Feller, and Darrell Luzzo. Brain Trust recommended saving money each year to make it a big event in Boston. We could budget for it now or see how the year goes and then amend the budget. ACA should be involved and we should ask which piece they would like to sponsor as NCDA pre-dated ACA. We should also have other sponsorship opportunities. Decided not to decide on budget now.


5. American Express Grant Opportunities (Pennington) Appendix K. Would we want to pursue this for Leadership Academy? How about if we seek a specific Leadership Academy research goal around the unemployment issue? Should we go back to an earlier LA model which is more directed by the board in terms of content? Grant application could be much more specific to the unemployment, diversity and leadership development content. We should have a session at the fall conference to give people information about leadership academy. ACTION ITEM: David Blustein and Deneen Pennington will write and submit proposal.


Motion #10

Move to submit proposal for American Express Grant for 2012-2014 Leadership Academy projects to investigate unemployment, multiculturalism, and leadership

Moved by: Pat Schwallie-Giddis

Seconded by: Michelle Beese

Motion passed 10-0


Adjourned for lunch 11:58

Reconvened at 1:03

6. Revenue Generation and Cost Cutting (Boettger and Pennington) Appendix L. Proposal including:

  • Regional Events

  • Develop a Series of Less Expensive, Shorter Publications (tailored for both a practitioner and client base). Needs to include reviewers or an editorial board for content. Suggested this be referred to the Professional Development committee by Deb Osborn (liaison) for their recommendations by the next meeting. ACTION ITEM: Referred to Professional Development Committee by Deb Osborn

  • Develop Job Aids (tailored for both a practitioner and client base). Some materials like this are available under CDF resources. Suggested this be referred to the Professional Development committee by Deb Osborn (liaison) for their recommendations by the next meeting. ACTION ITEM: Referred to Professional Development Committee by Deb Osborn.

  • LPC Directory for Career Counselors. Fee-based for practitioners. What would we do with MCC and MCDP folks who are already in the directory? We would also need a disclaimer. The vetting process would also have to make sure that the person took a career class (as not all states require that for licensure). Suggested this be referred to the Professional Standards committee by Brian Taber (liaison) for their recommendations by the next meeting. Deneen Pennington will recommend pricing depending on process developed. ACTION ITEM: Referred to Professional Standards Committee by Brian Taber.

  • Web Site Template to be sold to individual practitioners. May include website hosting for ongoing fee. May also be appealing to state CDAs. This discussion tabled for the time being in the interest of time and resources.

  • Additional ideas from Board: Topical conferences or summits in regional areas at a different time of the year than the conference. Should include CEUs and perhaps certificates. Must be careful not to compete with state conferences. Perhaps we could shoot for National Career Development Day/Week/Month. Perhaps do it next year in conjunction with a CDF conference in November. Makes most sense (population-wise) in South Carolina…excitement for Charleston! Suggested timeline: David Blustein does Unemployment Webinar in March; Summit & CDF conference in South Carolina in November; continued conversation at National Conference.

7. Third Party Vendors (Taber) Appendix M Continue to get requests for endorsements. How do we decide what gets endorsed and should a fee be assessed? Proposals would be made to Professional Standards Committee who would then make recommendations to the NCDA Executive Board. Other experts can be appointed to review if Professional Standards Committee does not feel they have the right expertise. The issue is very complicated do to ethical considerations as well as the differentiation of those who can afford to pay for our NCDA endorsement and those who can’t.


Motion #11

Move to thank the Professional Standards committee to help us better understand the issue and that we NOT endorse products or services through NCDA.

Moved by: Ron Cathey

Seconded by: Marsha Boettger

Motion passed 10-0

8. State Divisions

a. Arkansas Career Development Association (Cathey)

Motion #12

Move to accept Arkansas bylaws

Moved by: Ron Cathey

Seconded by: Pat Schwallie-Giddis

Motion passed 10-0


b. Wisconsin Bylaws Revision (Pennington for Wilgeroth)

Motion #13

Move to accept Wisconsin bylaw revisions

Moved by: Rebecca Dedmond

Seconded by: Ron Cathey

Motion passed 10-0


c. Montana (Beese) Michelle Beese seeking suggestions for helping these new division gain enough members to become a state CDA. Suggestions included “Each One, Reach One” project, graduate counseling programs, state counseling associations.


d. Washington (Beese) CDA folded after Seattle NCDA conference. Charter is still open, but not active. Strong group in Seattle formed the Puget Sound Career Association. We list it in our membership directory, but they are not officially affiliated. May be renewed interested in activating WCDA.


e. Utah (Beese): Association seems inactive. Michelle Beese will contact Alberto to see if they can get them re-energized. May want to encourage people to meet with leaders of new or renewed chapters. Pat Schwallie-Giddis volunteered to set up a meeting in Salt Lake City when she’s there for Thanksgiving. Sometimes small, informal meetings can get things moving.


9. Status Update on International CDF (Butler and Pennington) 

a. Peru – Cheri Butler, Rich, Deneen Pennington, and Alberto visited two cities in Peru. Trip sponsored by anonymous source. Participants didn’t know the extent of the agenda or the number of people involved. Unfortunately, none of the government officials with whom they met is still in office. Four university personnel from Peru will be coming for the conference and will be visiting other places (including Colorado State) beforehand. The general feeling is that we want to be supportive, but can’t take the lead on developing this in Peru. The ball is in their court. They can certainly ask for CDF training or purchase the curriculum for adaptation


b. Singapore- Ellen recently trained CDF instructor in person and electronically in Singapore. He is interested in starting a CDF class in Singapore, which could be taught in English. He is targeting business rather than schools or government agencies. Some adjustments may need to be made to current content that is clearly US-based. He has requested a licensing agreement. Deneen Pennington reported that another CDF instructor in that area. She is using the US-English version.


c. Taiwan- Ivy Deio with Psychological Assessment Association has a GCDF and is coming to the US for CDF Instructor. They will be translating four books into Taiwanese. They also want an exclusive agreement and other concessions that NCDA is not able to agree to. They want to serve as exclusive CDF trainers for most of the Asian region. There is a history with another group in the area that does a similar training but we don’t have an agreement with them.


d. South Korea- Julia Park is developing a program in South Korea.


e. In order to be more supportive of Deneen Pennington, proposals should be reviewed by the board. The fee for translating and adapting materials should be increase (currently $10,000). Agreements last three years. We may need to consult with an international attorney.


10. Revised Mission (Butler) Revised mission statement:

Motion #14

Move to accept mission statement as revised: NCDA inspires and empowers the achievement of career and life goals by providing professional development, resources, standards, scientific research, and advocacy.

Moved by: Lisa Severy

Seconded by: Marsha Boettger

Motion passed 10-0

ACTION ITEMS: To get the word out, Cheri Butler is going to write an article about it. We’ll also put it on the home page. Suggested we create a banner to be displayed at conferences with full statement. Also suggested we do a PSA with various people reading statement.


11. ACA Service Project (Cathey) Ron Cathey is representing NCDA on this ACA committee. On Thursday during ACA conference, there will be a brief orientation followed by transportation to volunteer/work sites. Currently five options: Habitat for Humanity, Catholic Services, Homeless Shelter, Juvenile Justice Facility, and Recovery School District (that project is on Friday instead). Transportation back to conference at 1:00 pm followed by special conference features for those who have participated. Our board meeting is in the afternoon on Thursday so that people can participate if they so choose. ACTION ITEM: Ron Cathey will send out more information and we can choose if we want to do something as a group (and wear our Team NCDA shirts!)


12. ACA Awards (Osborn) Appendix N. Nominations due to ACA a week from Monday. Must be members of ACA. Agreed to nominate Ed again for Humanitarian award. Deneen Pennington will look to see who won our graduate student research award. Nominating Barry Chung for Human Rights Award. Kevin Stoltz for Mentor Award. Rich Feller for Professional Development. Extended Research Award for David Blustein. ACTION ITEM: Deb Osborn will solicit nomination letters by deadline.

Motion #15:

Motion to amend previous motion #4 to move $50,000 rather than $100,000 so as to cover the expense of the Gallup or Pew survey

Moved by: Marsha Boettger

Seconded by: Rebecca Dedmond

Motion Passed 10-0


Motion #16: Motion to Adjourn (4:40 pm)

Moved by: Marsha Boettger

Seconded by: Mark

Motion Passed 10-0


List of Appendixes:


  1. Meeting Agenda

  2. Revised Minutes from July 2, 2010 Meeting

A. Membership Report
B. Treasurer’s Report
C. 2010-2011 NCDA Budget
D. International CDF Master Trainers Criteria
E. International Symposium Action Items
F. Hyatt Labor Relations Review
G. NCDA Legislative Platform
H. Krumboltz Webinar Flyer
I. Mentoring Committee Proposal
J. ACES Discussion Points
K. American Express Grant Proposal Overview
L. Revenue Generation and Cost Cutting Proposals
M. Third Party Vendor Issue Overview
N. NCDA History in ACA Awards