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NCDA members provide a variety of career development services. Based on their levels of education, years of experience, and types of credentials/training, they may be Career Counselors or Specialists.  Depending on your unique needs, you may choose to contact an NCDA member based on their education, experience, and/or their location. NCDA members are independent practitioners and their prices for services vary. Please contact members and view their websites for details.

To learn about the various Counselors and Specialists, view the NCDA Membership Designations as set forth by the Board on Directors in October 2014.

We urge consumers to review the Guidelines and FAQs below to make the most informed decisions. Then use the SEARCH Feature at the bottom of the page to locate a counselor.

Guidelines for Choosing a Counselor


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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  1. Type in the LAST NAME (or partial name) of the counselor you are seeking;
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