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Career & Caregiving

Empowering the Shadow Workforce of Family Caregivers

Author/Editor: Sally Gelardin

Year: 2009

Do traffic jams drive you crazy?  It's just going to get worse, unless we do something about it now.  Similarly, it makes sense for communities to prepare for eldercare long before baby-boomer traffic causes a major bottleneck on the roads, in the hospitals, in the housing market, in the family, and in the workforce.  The time has come to empower the "shadow workforce" - the over-worked, underpaid population of family caregivers. Discover how counselors and other career professionals have handled caregiving responsibilities, balancing the needs of family members with their own needs and work responsibilities.  Contributors discuss the emotions they experienced, the challenges they have faced, and the support they have learned to access. Like other life and career roles, caregiving is an opportunity for learning, for enhancing the care of loved ones, for self-care, and for deepening family relationships. You are invited to journey through these pages to pick up whatever life lessons you would like to carry and to leave behind baggage that you no longer find useful for your career, caregiving, and care-receiving journey.

A book review and an interview with the author is available in NCDA's web magazine, Career Convergence.

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  • Career Development Theory and Models
  • Individual/Group Counseling and Facilitation Skills
  • Assessment
  • Career Information Resources/Curriculum/Activities
  • Coaching/Consultation/Performance Improvement
  • Specific Populations
  • Research/Evaluation
  • Career Planning and Job Seeking Resources

Work Settings:

  • Non-Profit
  • Governmental
  • Business and/or Industry
  • Independent/Private Practice

Mfr#: ISBN: 978-1-885333-28-5

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