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Starting & Growing a Business in the New Economy

Author/Editor: Edited by Sally Gelardin, Ed.D.

Year: 2007

Considering starting a business?
Want tips to grow an existing business?

If you are a risk-taker with an independent style, you will benefit by reading the stories and strategies of successful career entrepreneurs. These contributors share from a dual perspective as active counselors who have grown their own business. Monograph.

  • Learn how to overcome challenges with clients or work associates.
  • Discover entrepreneurial mentors and models.
  • Perform exercises to apply concepts and models.
  • Learn how to organize your entrepreneurial process on your computer.
  • Access print and online resources for future exploration.

You are welcome to glimpse into this competitive, but exhilarating ballpark, where dreams become reality through long shots, foul balls, frequent strike-outs, left-handed catches, dust and grime, trial and error, and an occasional home run. Dr. Sally Gelardin, the quintessential job juggler, invites you to throw your balls in the air and practice the entrepreneurial juggling act under the tutelage of experts. May you find peace and purpose between the rising and falling.

I like this book, a lot! More and more workers these days are attracted to the idea of running their own business, but lack lessons in how to do that. Now they can listen in to interviews with people who have gone down the road before them - successful, articulate, smart, reflective people talking about how they started their own business. ( I know two-thirds of them personally). Required reading, if you are even thinking about starting your own business.

-- Richard N. Bolles, Author,
2007 What Color Is Your Parachute?
(9 million copies in print)


If you've ever wondered whether or how you could hang up your shingle, set up shop, and attract paying clients/customers to your own consulting practice or small business, this book provides you with tested, systematic, comprehensive methods to answer these and related questions. Editor Sally Gelardin has assembled two books in one. The first part supplies "How I did it" narratives from some of the most successful and influential figures in the career consulting field: Marcia Bench; Jack Chapman; Robert Chope; Edward Colozzi; Donna Christner-Lile; Ron Elsdon; Dan Geller; Lynn Joseph; Jennifer Kahnweiler, Carolyn Kalil; Richard Knowdell Gail Liebhaber; Randy Miller; Martha Russell; Michael Shahnasarian; and Susan Whitcomb. The second part of the book presents self-assessment exercises covering a range of topics, including personal skills and values as well as business purposes and plans. This tool kit can be drawn from according to individual readers' interests and needs. The authors of these self-assessment exercises counsel and coach people from diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds, so they will be useful not just for people interested in pursuing career consulting or professional services, but any kind of business endeavor. 

-- Mary H. Jacobsen

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Mfr#: ISBN: 978-1-88533-16-2

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