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S.B. 172: Pharmacy Practice Act, S.B. 248: Pharmacist Drug Administration

S.B. 172: Pharmacy Practice Act Revision
A third substitute version of S.B. 172 was introduced and unanimously accepted by the 11 members of the Senate Health, Human Services, and Aging Committee at its fifth hearing on Wednesday, February 16, 2000. The bill, which will make several necessary revisions and additions to the Pharmacy Practice Act, was introduced on Tuesday, July 20, by Senator Grace Drake (R-Solon). This new legislation, which is being presented as a “clean up bill” to last year’s S.B. 66, will address several issues. The bill will provide confidentiality for a pharmacist concerning a communication made to the pharmacist in the pharmacist-patient relationship. The bill will also clarify section 4729.39 (Consult Agreements) to include an exemption for pharmacists managing the drug therapy of a patient in an institutional facility. At the hearing, Chairwoman Drake testified to the changes in the substitute version, noting that on the issue of testimonial privilege, negotiations with the Attorney General’s office has produced language to provide for testimonial privilege in civil proceedings. She also explained that the language regarding medication administration was removed and introduced in a separate “stand alone” bill. The bill is scheduled to be voted out of committee and sent to the Senate floor in this month.

S.B. 248: Pharmacist Drug Administration


Pharmacist Drug Administration On January 26, S.B. 248 was introducedby Senator Grace Drake (R-Solon). S.B. 248 will amend section 4729.01 to codify a pharmacist’s ability to administer drugs and therapeutic devices, and will require a pharmacist who seeks to administer drugs to complete a course in drug administration approved by the State Board of Pharmacy. The bill is currently being heard by the Senate Health, Human Services, and Aging Committee, and had its fourth hearing on Wednesday, April 12, where it received strong opposition from the Ohio Nurses Association and the Ohio Board of Nursing. Three nurses have testified against S.B. 248 to-date. The next hearing is scheduled for early May. Pharmacists who are interested in testifying in support of S.B. 248 should me at 614.798.0037.

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