Clinical Services Updates

Protocol for Dispensing Epinephrine Autoinjectors  without a Prescription

Section 4729.47 of the Ohio Revised Code authorizes a pharmacist or pharmacy intern to dispense epinephrine autoinjectors without a prescription pursuant to a physician protocol. To implement this section of law, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy has adopted the following rules:

4729:1-3-06 - Dispensing of epinephrine autoinjectors by pharmacists

4729:2-3-06- Dispensing of epinephrine autoinjectors by pharmacy interns

OPA has created a protocol as a member benefit for OPA members to use in their practices. This protocol meets the board requirements for a physician-established protocol for dispensing epinephrine autoinjectors without a prescription to individuals at least 18 years of age who meet the criteria specified in Ohio Revised Code and Administrative Code.

Protocol for Dispensing Epinephrine Autoinjectors without a Prescription

To assist pharmacists in understanding the new epinephrine laws, the board of pharmacy has developed a frequently asked questions document, available at:

Payor Toolkit

The Ohio Pharmacists Association’s Practice Advancement and Innovation Committee developed a toolkit for OPA members to guide conversations with insurance companies, providers, administrative professionals and other non-pharmacy entities regarding establishment and payment for pharmacist services. As the most accessible healthcare professionals, pharmacists are well-positioned to take on expanded patient care roles. Whether the focus is to improve patient outcomes or reduce overall health costs, pharmacists are an important part of the healthcare team and this toolkit highlights the role of pharmacist services.

The toolkit provides talking points on three areas where pharmacists can add value: adherence and education, chronic disease state management and cost containment, as well as a glossary terms. This toolkit also contains information on how to evaluate internal and external factors that may affect the success or payment of pharmacists’ patient care services.

Get a jumpstart on establishing and receiving payment for a patient care service by reading more here.