OPA Member-Get-a-Member Program

Limited time offer!

OPA members can save on registration to the 2022 OPA Annual Conference & Trade Show (April1-3) by helping OPA grow its membership. For each NEW member you recruit by January 15, 2022, you will receive a $20 discount on your 2022 OPA Annual Conference & Trade Show (April1-3) registration. By recruiting 17 members, you can attend the OPA Annual Conference for FREE! Use your influence and participate in the Member-Get-a-Member (MGM) program.

Congratulations! Kudos! Great Job! THANK YOU!
We would like to applaud and recognize the following OPA Recruiters

These OPA members successfully recruited brand new members to OPA for the 2018-2021 dues years. New members give your association and profession a stronger voice. Congratulations and thank you to the following OPA Recruiter All-Stars:





Kenny Barga
John Bruner
Joti Carson
Tony Ciaccia
Darlene Ferris
Renae Gaerke
T.J. Grimm
Ronald Higginbotham
Nate Hux
Bob Kerek
Nathan Levine
Michael Murphy
Carol Perry
Robert Stahler
Shannon Steele

Paul E. Harder
Sapna S. Patel
Richard A. Marlin
Melissa A. Mayhugh
Brigid K. Groves
Lori J. Ernsthausen
Lonnie J. Craft
Stuart J. Beatty
Eric K. Geyer
Patricia A. Parteleno
Alexandra Bojadzic
Anthony J. Caraballo
Aleda M. Chen
Aimee J. O'Reilly
Stacy M. Hefner
Darla J. Gaiser
Matthew R. Insley
Brigid K. Groves
Yohannes K. Tinsae
Shane R. Wagner
Thomas N. Saltsman
Meghan E. Nestleroth

Gary Barr
Jackie Boyle
Paul Ciavarella
Joe Craft
Andrew Faiella
T. J. Grimm
Jessica Hinson
Eric Juergens
Cathy Kuhn
Sam Martin
Kathy Nameth
Nick Saltsman
Ahmad Sarsour
Ryan Schneider
Matthew Soder
Marc Sweeney
Sandra Webb


Margaret Anderson
Hannah Bourgeois
Justin Bramel
Mariah Brown
Elise Carpenter
Thomas Casey
Britt Cummins
Ann Marie DiMeo
Dawn Goodwin
Hannah Gustafson
Rebecca Hill
Matthew Insley
Michael Jakubecz
Mark Karl
Paul Kenney
Susan Lattier
Shannon Murphy
Rebecca Pallay
Casey Persinger
Lei Qu
Kayla Roberts
Eassa Shaheen
Pete Shier
Patricia Shoemaker
Kurt Smith
Brian Stoudt
Dustin Stovall
Tracy Wallace
Matthew Wine
Cynthia Yu
Deborah Yurovich-Berlekamp

To aid you in becoming an OPA All-Star, and partnering with OPA to make your profession stronger, MGM information and strategies are included in the following letter from Jeff Steckman, Membership Services & Development Committee Chair.

Dear Valued OPA Member,

As pharmacists, we lead demanding, complex and sometimes hectic lives, but over the past few years, I have made a dedicated effort to become more involved with OPA.

Through my experience leading the Member Services & Development committee, whose primary task is to grow and strengthen the membership of OPA, I have come to appreciate all the benefits OPA provides, especially those tools that enable me to better balance my career and my life. Now, I encourage you to share your OPA experiences with our colleagues and convince - encourage - persuade them to join our Association through our Member-Get-a-Member (MGM) program. By participating, you will be strengthening our voice and our profession; AND for each new member you recruit, you will receive a $20 discount on your 2022 Annual Conference registration fee! Sign up 17 new members and you are in for free!* You will also receive recognition as an exclusive member of our OPA All-Star Recruiter Club

MGM programs are a powerful way for us to spread the value of OPA to our friends, classmates and colleagues who do not understand the positive impact OPA has on our profession. I hope you will become an All-Star Recruiter. It's as simple as passing along the following link to the online MGM application; https://www.ohiopharmacists.org/4opaMgm.

You may also contact opa@ohiopharmacists.org for additional membership materials.

Please share what OPA means to you. 

Here are a few tips to successfully engage prospective members:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask! If you don’t ask, you won’t know.
  2. Be prepared for them to join right then. Have an application or application link on hand https://www.ohiopharmacists.org/join.
  3. Ask for contact information. You can reach out to them later to see if they have questions and encourage them to join.
  4. Don’t worry about difficult questions. A vast amount of information is available on our website, or if you need help contact the OPA office at (614)389-3236.  

Jeff Steckman, R.Ph., PharmD
OPA Membership Committee Chair

*No additional reimbursements or cash credit are available.