Ohio Pharmacists Association
2674 Federated Boulevard
Columbus, OH 43235
tel:  (614) 389-3236
fax: (614) 389-4582
e-mail: info@ohiopharmacists.org

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Ohio Pharmacists Association is to invest in and empower Ohio pharmacists in every setting as the medication expert.

History & Purpose

The Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA) was formed September 2, 1879 in Columbus, Ohio under the name Ohio State Pharmaceutical Association (OSPA).

The purpose of the Association was to elevate the character of the pharmaceutical profession, by uniting the reputable druggists of the state in order to foster the education of those learning the art and thereby stimulate the talent of those engaged in pharmacy. In cooperation with its members and leaders, the present-day OPA continues to function by this purpose and act to positively impact the profession as these past extraordinary individuals did.

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Code of Ethics

Ohio Pharmacists Association

  • A pharmacist respects the confidential and professional relationship with the patient.
  • A pharmacist works with other health care professionals to achieve the highest standard of care for the patient.
  • A pharmacist acts with honesty and integrity in professional relationships.
  • A pharmacist strives to increase professional knowledge.
  • A pharmacist uses professional knowledge to educate the public.
  • A pharmacist practices under conditions that do not impair professional judgement and skill.
  • A pharmacist serves community and societal needs.


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Name, Purpose and Objectives

Section 1. Name and Purpose. The name of the Association shall be The Ohio Pharmacists Association, hereinafter referred to as "the Association." The Association shall be a professional society of pharmacists serving the best interests of public health and pharmacy in the State of Ohio.

Section 2. The Objectives of the Association shall be:

  1. To unite the profession of pharmacy;
  2. To encourage advancements and improvements in the practice of pharmacy;
  3. To provide a medium for discussion and solution of problems related to pharmacy;
  4. To advance the efficiency and standing of the members and the profession of pharmacy;
  5. To improve and promote public health;
  6. To encourage interprofessional relations;
  7. To gain enactment of legislation favorable to the advancement of the public health and the profession of pharmacy, and to protect the public health by opposing objectionable forms of pharmaceutical and public health legislation.


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Resolutions are the method by which OPA members can formally set the direction of the Association and profession. Members are welcome to submit proposed resolution ideas to the OPA Resolutions and Bylaws Committee for review and referral to the House of Delegates, which serves as the legislative and policy-making body of the Association.

Members are welcome to submit proposed resolution ideas to the OPA Resolutions and Bylaws Committee for review and referral to the 2023 House of Delegates. Resolution submission is open until February 9, 2023. They may be submitted to Meghanne Muchnikoff at mmuchnikoff@ohiopharmacists.org.

The Resolutions Directory includes all resolutions adopted by the Association and can be accessed with the button below.

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