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OPA 123rd Annual Conference
Trade Show and Career Fair April 6-8, 2001

Manpower Challenge: Crisis or Opportunity
Speaker Katherine Knapp, Ph.D.

Cutting edge, practical, interesting, enjoyable.. all this describes this year’s exciting OPA Annual Conference! Whether you are interested in being paid for services, what Medicaid changes are ahead, or need quality CE, this program has it all.
Katherine Knapp, Ph.D. will present, Manpower Challenge: Crisis or Opportunity
There is mounting evidence that the future supply of pharmacists may not be adequate to meet the nation’s needs.  Rapid growth of prescription volume and of the elderly population, the increase in new and more complex drugs, educational issues such as the decline in the pharmacy program applicant pool, the impact of the mandatory entry-level Pharm.D. degree, and national focus on medication errors related in part to job stress have been cited as factors contributing to the problem.  Our speaker, Dr. Katherine K. Knapp, co-authored both the recently released “How Many Pharmacists Are in Our Future? Bureau of Health Professions Projects Supply to 2020” study and the December 2000 Congressional Report on the adequacy of the nation’s pharmacy workforce. She will discuss supply and demand workforce issues including: Bureau of Health Professions estimates of active pharmacists by age and gender including specifics on pharmacy graduates from Ohio; the Congressional Report on the adequacy of the nation’s pharmacist workforce; and Aggregate Demand Index data about the level of demand for pharmacists in Ohio and across the United States. The presentation will also address the potential for solutions through technology and automation, use of technicians, etc. that could enhance productivity.

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