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Revised Schedule for Distribution of the Settlement Money in the BNPD Antitrust Litigation

The second checks for distributing the money from settlement of the Brand Name Prescription Drug (BNPD) Antitrust Litigation have been delayed because of the unexpected number of conflicting claims (i.e., two or more people filing claims on the same pharmacy.) The administrator expects to mail the second checks in the Spring of 2001. Hundreds of pharmacies have been added to the claimant pool; therefore, claimants should expect to receive less money (10 to 20 percent) than they received in their first check. Claimants who received a notice of denial in August 1999 and who contacted the administrator and rectified the cause for denial of the claim, can expect to receive their first check within 60 days of December 1, 2000. Claimants who filed their claims after July 1, but before November 30, 2000, and claimants who appealed to the administrator to rescind their opt-out from the class action litigation, can expect to receive their first check within 90 days of December 1. However, such claimants who challenge the amount of purchases credited to their pharmacies should not expect a check before March 2001.

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