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New Position Announced for OPA Fellow Myriam Shaw Ojeda

Myriam Shaw OjedaMyriam Shaw Ojeda, PharmD, has been named assistant professor for The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and Director of Pharmacy, Extension, and Public Health Initiatives beginning Aug. 20. Through the position, she will navigate practice change and improvement of public health goals aligned with state priorities through collaboration with key external partners that include The Ohio State University Extension (OSUE) and the Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA).

“Dr. Myriam Shaw Ojeda brings expertise and passion for public health and the pharmacist’s role in enhancing patient lives and community health. She is expanding and enhancing our team as an invaluable asset to our practice advancement and community engagement efforts at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. We are thrilled to welcome her aboard,” said Jen Rodis, associate dean for Outreach and Engagement.

Specifically, Myriam will lead and serve on projects to achieve goals that align with improving the health and well-being of citizens of the state of Ohio by improving connectivity between OSUE educators in counties across the state and community-based pharmacies and pharmacists.

Additionally, she will work closely with OPA to promote and facilitate the advancement of pharmacy practice and pharmacists as providers of care with a focus in public health initiatives and connectivity.

“OPA had a fantastic experience working with Dr. Myriam Shaw Ojeda through her fellowship. She brought her leadership and people skills to make a lasting impact in provider status implementation and state government needs with the pandemic,” said Ernest Boyd, Executive Director at OPA. “We are looking forward to ways that this strategic partnership will continue to impact the profession.”

Prior to joining Ohio State, Dr. Shaw Ojeda was the Pharmacy Policy and Innovation Fellow for the Ohio Pharmacists Association. During her time as a fellow, she worked to advance the pharmacy profession as a member of the Provider Status implementation team. Dr. Shaw Ojeda provided care as a pharmacist at Conway’s Pharmacies in Mount Vernon and Danville, OH. She also served as a liaison to the Governor’s office and Ohio’s managed care organizations for pharmacist related involvement in COVID-19 vaccine and testing efforts.

Myriam received her Bachelor of Science in pharmaceutical science and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from Cedarville University. She has served as an APhA New Practitioner Mentor at Cedarville University, School of Pharmacy since 2019.

“The pharmacy profession is being presented with novel practice advancing opportunities through quality community engagement and public health initiatives,” Dr. Shaw Ojeda said. “It is my goal to be a key connector for pharmacists and students to meet the needs of our community. I am excited to serve through this new position in collaboration with OSUE and OPA.” 

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