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OPA COVID-19 Vaccines: April 12, 2021 Update

OPA COVID-19 Vaccine Update

The vaccine distribution continues to be available to all eligible Ohioans over 16. All individuals from previous phases continue to be appropriate candidates for the vaccine.

Vaccinating Employer Groups Opening Today
The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) has allowed vaccinators to allocate up to 25% of the weekly allocated vaccines for a specific employer or organization.  ODH has released a guidance document that provides further details.

Appointments and Vaccine Wastage Avoidance
As vaccine allocation increases over time, some counties in Ohio may have extra vaccine because of lower uptake/interest. Vaccinators are advised to be cautious when drawing up vaccine doses towards the end of the day, ensuring that each dose has been accounted for and there is no wastage. To better inform the state government regarding future allocation decisions, please contact OPA through Myriam Shaw Ojeda [email protected] to provide additional insight.

CPR and Training Requirements Reminders
In order to provide COVID-19 vaccinations, pharmacists and pharmacy interns in Ohio must receive and maintain certification to perform basic life-support procedures by successfully completing a basic life-support training course that is certified by: 1) The American Red Cross; 2) The American Heart Association; or 3) The American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI).

There are no Ohio-specific continuing education requirements for licensees providing immunizations. To administer COVID-19 vaccines or childhood vaccines under the HHS process, a licensed pharmacist must complete a minimum of two hours of ACPE-approved, immunization-related (ACPE number ending in -06-P) continuing pharmacy education (CPE) during each state licensing period. Therefore,  in Ohio the CPE must be completed between September 15, 2019 and September 15, 2021.

    OPA is working diligently to facilitate communication between state decision-makers and member pharmacists. OPA has created multiple COVID-19 resources, including a COVID-19 Vaccine Information Webpage, COVID-19 Testing Hub, and COVID-19 Resources Webpage, on the OPA website under the Resources drop-down box. For further questions, please contact Myriam Shaw Ojeda, Fellow in Policy and Innovation, at [email protected].

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