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Ohio Days - NPX Newsletter Winter 2019

Life in Lima

By Brittany Long, R.Ph, PharmD

You may or may not be familiar with the city of Lima, which is located almost centrally between Toledo and Dayton and easily accessible from Interstate 75. I was born and raised in Lima, or “the Bean”, as you may hear it referred to by community members, and I am still happy to call it my home. Although there is a strong appeal and draw to the large, well known cities of the state, Lima has a lot to offer on its own!

Situated in the northwest part of the state, Lima is a perfect locale to find a mix of big city life and the quite of the country! You could go for a drive down backroads to enjoy the beautiful landscape and scenery of sunrises, corn fields, farms, and starry skies or head into town for a night of fun. Rest assured, you will easily be able to find a variety of entertainment option such as bowling with friends, catching a movie, or going to the popular choice of the Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center to watch a musical, concert, or comedian perform.

However, before diving right in to the fun, I would recommend enjoying the fine dining and drinks available at one of the many beautiful, inviting restaurant options downtown, such as The Met, located in the historic Metropolitan Block. If you prefer “one-stop-shopping”, Old City Prime & The Upper Lounge is where you can find both entertainment, via dueling pianos or a musical group, and superb entrees and drinks.

Now, I would be amiss if I did not mention the fast food establishment of Kewpee Hamburgers, which I absolutely recommend every person stop at when visiting Lima for the first time. Between the crisp French fries, delicious chocolate frosted malts, or fresh hamburgers, you won’t be disappointed. As quoted from the city’s webpage, Lima is “Where Life Is More Abundant”. I encourage you to stop by yourself to see how true this is! Lima has been a wonderful place to me throughout my life, and hopefully this brief introduction will lead to a future visit from you as well!

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