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Pharmacist Immunization Bill Passes Out of OH House

H.B. 524 (Pharmacists Immunization) Passes Unanimously Out of the House of Representatives!

House Bill 524, sponsored by Rep. Earl Martin (R- Avon Lake),which expands the Pharmacy Practice Act, passed unanimously out of the House yesterday by a vote of 89-0. The bill would expand the Pharmacy Practice Act as follows:

  1. Include diphtheria, pertussis and meningitis in the list of adult immunizations pharmacists are allowed to administer.
  2. Allow pharmacists to administer the Flu vaccine to those 14 and older.
  3. Allow pharmacists to administer epinephrine and diphenhydramine to a patient in the event of an anaphylactic reaction.
  4. Expand the list of qualified professionals able to administer vaccinations to include trained pharmacy interns acting under the direct supervision of a trained pharmacist.
  5. Remove the requirement for pharmacists to notify the patient’s primary care physician or local Health Department within 30 days after providing the influenza immunization except in the case of a person 18 years or younger.

Rep. Martin and the Ohio Pharmacists Association worked diligently to craft this legislation and guide it through the House Health Committee where it was unanimously recommended for passage.

The Ohio Pharmacists Association would like to extend a special thank you to the pharmacists and pharmacy students who took time to come to Columbus and testify on behalf of this important legislation, and to OSU pharmacy students who organized a letter writing campaign on behalf of the immunization legislation. It was a great opportunity to educate the General Assembly about pharmacists and your importance in the health care delivery system. The bill now moves to the Senate where it will be assigned to a committee and undergo hearings. OPA will keep you updated on the progress of this bill. We will be making a big push for the passage of this bill through the Senate when the legislature resumes its work in the fall. This is the end of the two year General Assembly cycle, so the bill must be passed out of committee and be voted on by the full Senate before the end of December.

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