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Member E-Bulletins: A New OPA Member Benefit

Member Bulletins: A New OPA Member Benefit

Kathy Wotruba, Director of Membership and Information Services

We are pleased to inform you of a new service for OPA members. The new OPA Member Bulletin is an E-Bulletin alert system that is sent directly to our members’ e-mail addresses. In the last month, information about crucial legislation and about upcoming live educational programming opportunities has been relayed to the membership via this attractive new format. The messages may contain vital legislative information that is too time-sensitive to send via regular mail. The messages also provide direct links that enable you to contact your legislators immediately. Other messages informing you of upcoming live continuing education programming opportunities contain convenient links that enable you to view program descriptions or to register for programming securely on-line.

With so many critical pharmacy issues at the forefront of state and federal legislation, the ability to inform you instantly is huge, and these bulletins make it simple for you to become involved in the political process. There is sometimes less than 24- hour notice about a critical vote, and this resource enables you to interact with your legislators immediately while these important pharmacy issues are still pending!

The response to the OPA Member Bulletins has been very positive and we hope you will find this method of instant communication to be an important benefit. If you have been receiving your Member Bulletins, we have your current address. But if you have not been receiving these valuable member messages over the last month, it’s because we don’t currently have a valid e-mail address for you. Please send your current e-mail address to and be sure to keep us informed of any changes to your e-address so we can continue to keep you posted about the most current pharmacy news.

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