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New HIPAA Web-Based Training Now Available!

Compliance Manual & Online Education for Pharmacies

HIPAA Privacy Standards Compliance Materials for
Pharmacies Available:

- A Web-based training solution for pharmacies
HIPAA Privacy Compliance Manual - developed specifically for pharmacists and pharmacies, with the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS)

HIPAA Rx Basic
HIPAA Rx Basic, a program developed by’s Pharmaceutical Learning Network and offered by the Ohio Pharmacists Association, is a complete web-based HIPAA training solution that includes expert job-specific HIPAA information and a tracking mechanism that builds in proof of participation. A forms workbook for development of your company’s custom organizational policies and procedures is included.

Three course packages are available and will enable you to secure job-specific training on the topics of Privacy Rule & Pharmacy Practice; Corporate Responsibilities; Employee Responsibilities; and Pharmacy Responsibilities. The available course packages are described below.

  • Course Package: Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
    Course Name: Privacy Rule & Pharmacy Practice
    Description: An overview of what HIPAA is and why it matters. Appropriate for all employees.

  • Course Package: Cashiers & Clerk
    Course Name: Corporate Responsibilities
    Description: Covers those areas under HIPAA that affect corporate-level activities and relationships, such as marketing, associates, & penalties/sanctions.

  • Course Packages: Managers, Supervisors & Privacy Officers
    Course: Pharmacy Responsibilities and
    Employee & Responsibilities Under HIPAA
    Description: Designed for all employees who have access to Protected Health Information (PHI). Deals specifically with the requirements of HIPAA as they relate to pharmacy operations.
Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can earn two hours of law CE credit.

Take advantage of this valuable resource for HIPAA training before the April 14th deadline by clicking on this OPA Online Education button:

Click HERE for ONLINE Continuing Education Courses!

Choose the "Catalog Page" to get further details on the offered courses.

If you have 10 or more employees to train on-line, please contact Beth Hayes, ( by calling 850.385.7915 or via email at and she will help you set up a batch purchase.

Please call OPA at 614.498.0037 or email OPA at with any questions that you may have concerning this training program.

In-Depth HIPAA Privacy Compliance Manual Now Available
The Ohio Pharmacists Association is also cooperating in the marketing of the HIPAA Privacy Compliance Manual, developed specifically for pharmacists and pharmacies, with the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS). The manual includes summaries and outlines of the privacy requirements, and samples of all the necessary forms, policies, and procedures-all in easily understandable terms.
In more than 200 pages and 19 chapters, the compliance manual covers issues including:
* HIPAA basics, how to get started on your HIPAA compliance program;
* providing adequate notice to customers;
* obtaining customer consent and authorization;
* how you can (and can’t) make disclosures without a customer’s permission;
* identifying and contracting with business
* marketing restrictions;
* customers’ rights to accounting of disclosures, copies of records, etc.
* mandatory employee training;
* handling customer complaints;
* government enforcement.

The special reduced rate for Ohio Pharmacists Association members is $295.
The price for non-members is $350. The price includes:
* Free updates to the manual for two years, as needed
* Free subscription to NACDS HIPAA Update newsletter
* Reduced registration fees for NACDS HIPAA conferences

An order form is on page 19 in the August Ohio Pharmacist journal or may be obtained online and printed. $$Link,,
HIPAA Manual Order Form$$ (PDF File: 28K)

Or give us a call (614.798.0037) or e-mail ( and we can fax the order form to you today.

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