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Medicare Prescription Discount Care Issue Brief

President Bush has endorsed a voluntary prescription “discount card” that is similar to the initial proposal that was introduced in Ohio as HB4. The Ohio program has had a number of changes that have made the proposal somewhat more acceptable, including patient privacy, freedom of access, no promotion of services, etc. The Bush proposal, however, is wide open price controls on community pharmacies through discount cards offered by PBM’s without restriction. This proposal will allow the PBM’s to push mail order pharmacy, collect rebates that will not be shared with the pharmacies and sell the private data obtained from patients.

The OPA is working closely with the National Associations to influence this situation, but we need your help! We urge you to call Kirk Blalock, Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Public Liaison, at the White House at 202-456-3771 and voice your opposition to this proposal. Also, contact your Senators and your U.S. Representative in Congress and voice your opinion.

Point out that pharmacists make only 80 CENTS profit on the average prescription, while manufacturers make over 6 DOLLARS. We believe pharmacies should have access to the manufacturers BEST PRICE, so that we can give the employers, seniors and other citizens as fair a price as possible. Please call or write today!

Contact information for all U.S. Senators may be found at the following website:
To write your Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives, go to:

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