The NCDA Global Career Development Conference welcomes exhibitors and sponsors from public and private corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, and professional associations who offer career-related products and services such as books, media, computer-based systems, assessment instruments, and online services.


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2016 Conference Exhibitor Prospectus

For more information contact:

Alicia Cheek
305 N. Beech Circle
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
Phone: (918) 663-7060
Fax: (918) 663-7058


2016 Conference Exhibitors

Booth Number 200
Thrive Academics
Contact: Brandon Edwards, Ed.D.
(818) 927-2703

Booth Number 203
Focus 2 Career and Education Planning
Contact: Janis Stokes
(603) 526-8989

Get ready for FOCUS 2 Enhanced...coming soon.  A bold new look, enhanced functionality and new content.  As always...Focus 2 is customized with your college's majors.

Booth Number 204
Contact: Tricia Barry
(202) 434-2214

Life Reimagined was launched in 2014 as a personal guidance system to help people navigate transitions, pursue their goals, dreams, and purpose in life. Through groundbreaking online programs and tools, and powerful live experiences, today Life Reimagined guides over 1 million people through changes and helps them discover new possibilities in life. Experience it all at lifereimagined.org. 

Booth Number 213
Vocational Research Institute
Contact: Krista Biesecker
(800) 874-5387

CareerScope® can help you meet WIOA legislation standards!  CareerScope is a valid, reliable, and objective interest and aptitude assessment available on CD or Online.  Recommendations are based on Department of Labor and Department of Education standards and provide the basis for selecting the most appropriate education/training program and developing transition, training, and employment retention plans.  Ask about a free trial!

Booth Number 215
National Court Reporters Association
Contact: Jennifer Late
(703) 584-9042

Booth Number 216
Center on Education and Work
Contact: Jane Kwiecinski
(800) 862-1071

The Center on Education and Work (CEW) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison assists educators and career development professionals with national career-related resources, research, and professional development. The Center is the creator of CareerLocker, a comprehensive national online career information system used by 600,000 active users. Students and adults use this system for career exploration, academic and career planning, and job seeking.  Recently the website has been redesigned for easier navigation and new features have been added. Stop by Booth #216 and take a look!

Booth Number 219
Contact: Sean Gallagher
(251) 342-9811

GoinGlobal provides career and employment resources for more than 120 worldwide locations, in addition to corporate profiles and 16 million-plus job and internship postings. Our constantly-updated database features hiring trends, work permit/visa regulations, resume/ CV guidelines, interview and cultural advice, and more.  Free trial access available.
Contact president@goinglobal.com or call 1.800.989.1190

Booth Number 300-301
Army Recruiting Education Division
Contact: Ina Jane Tyler
(502) 626-1981

Booth Number 304
CareerShift, LLC
Contact: Valerie Matta
(216) 255-3026

CareerShift can help.  Many career centers struggle getting many students to adopt good career management mindsets early in their programs. Many students wait until the last minute to find work and aren’t proactive. CareerShift can help. This resource compliments any career management system currently in place, making it easy for students, alumni, employer relations teams, career counselors and faculty to find hidden connections and opportunities. We recognize it takes the entire campus community to be actively engaged in student and alumni success. That is why hundreds of schools rely on CareerShift to provide easy to use robust search engines, coupled with organizational tools for the career journey.

Booth Number 305
CRG Consulting Resource Group International, Inc.
Contact: Eleanor Parkinson
(604) 852-0566

Booth Number 306
Contact: Brian Bodkin
(908) 879-2038

Booth Number 308
The Washington Center
Contact: Dr. Ricardo Ortegon
(202) 238-7725

Booth Number 312
Career Development Network
Contact: Richard Knowdell
(408) 828-3858

Booth Number 314 and 316
PAR Inc.
Contact: Teri Lyon
(813) 449-4074

With a reputation for providing unparalleled Customer Service, PAR, Inc. is a leading publisher of innovative and high-quality psychological assessment instruments, including software, apps, e-manuals, and assessment through our new Internet testing and reporting system, PARiConnect. To learn more about PAR, please visit www.parinc.com.

Booth Number 315 and 317
Kuder, Inc.
Contact: Kari Sierks
(515) 993-3005

Booth Number 319
EdITS Publishers
Contact: Rebecca Hansen
(800) 416-1666

For over 50 years, EdITS has been the industry leader in guidance and instructional materials.  We feature the COPSystem career assessments relating interests, abilities, and work values to career clusters and pathways.  Project CERES is a K-12 career focused curriculum program designed to relate school subjects to career skills.  Additionally, we offer various measures of personality, self-concept, and study attitudes.

Booth Number 320
College Transition Publishing
Contact: Terry Arndt
(206) 201-2751



Mark your calendar for future Conferences:


2017 NCDA Conference

June 30 - July 2, 2017
Pre-Conference Sessions:
June 29, 2017
Marriott Orlando World Center
Orlando, Florida


2018 NCDA Conference

June 21 - 23, 2018
Pre-Conference Sessions:
June 20, 2018
Phoenix Convention Center & Hyatt Regency
Phoenix, Arizona