The NCDA Global Career Development Conference welcomes exhibitors and sponsors from public and private corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, and professional associations who offer career-related products and services such as books, media, computer-based systems, assessment instruments, and online services.

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2015 Conference Exhibitors

Booth # 1-TuaPath
Contact: Heather Suchowski
(248) 515-2933
TuaPath is a student success technology that engages students as individuals, guiding them through customizable career learning objectives online, enabling rich counseling discussions, extending the reach of the career office, while gathering unique data to help tell your career center’s story. TuaPath is “your path” to reach new heights!

Booth # 2-Pearson
Contact: Lauren Lopez
(201) 587-6149
Pearson, the world's leading learning company, partners with K-20 institutions and educators to provide educational solutions and services that help to improve learning outcomes.  Pearson serves learners of all ages around the globe, employing 41,000 people in more than 70 countries.  For more information, visit www.pearsoned.com.

Booth # 3-CAREERGUY.COM & VISTa-Cards.com
Contact: Darrell Gurney and Cathy Severson
darrel@careerguy.com and cathy@cathyseverson.com
More than an assessment, the VISTa Life/Cards are a bright, colorful, easy and profound counseling tool that take card sorts to a whole new level. CareerGuy.com supports hope, change, growth and new possibilities for MBAs, undergrads and professionals with presentations, live/online courses, and coaching, and midlife, encore expansion into a purposeful “Back Forty” of life.

Booth # 4-Career Development Network
Contact: Dick Knowdell
(408) 828-3858
The Career Development Network conducts career development training and certification programs is North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Since 1994, over 7,000 career practitioners have completed the Job & Career Transition Coach Certification workshops. Since 2006 the Network has been training Career Development Facilitators Instructors. 

Booth # 5-AARP
Contact: Tricia Barry
(202) 434-2214
Life Reimagined is a personal guidance system designed to help people navigate transitions & live their lives to the fullest. Offering online & offline experiences made up of tools, experts & community, Life Reimagined helps people reflect, evaluate priorities & take action to navigate transitions and new life phases. Visit lifereimagined.aarp.org.

Booth # 6-Core Passion Inc.
Contact: Lori Palm
(612) 388-9220
People talk about passion.  We measure passion and apply it to the workplace, using the results to help individuals discover what drives them.  The patented and validated methodology can be a great addition to your current toolkit.  It can help you evaluate a career opportunity, or a series of opportunities, for the best fit for your clients.  Core Passion Inc. is the global leader in the measurement and application of passion to career development.  Stop by!  Experience the Core Passion® framework, online Core Passion® Assessment, and our Career Seeker app.

Booth # 7-Digital Revolutions
Contact: Brent Engel
(919) 606-2342
Digital Revolutions can assist you in bringing innovative uses of technology to your Career Center.  C3M (Career Center Contact Manager) provides the tools to easily capture & manage information relating to student interactions with your Career Center.  With the swipe of a student ID card, you are on your way to tracking student participation in events, printing name badges, tracking resource usage and any other activity related to student use of your services.  The data collected enables your end of year reports to be a simple mouse click away.  The features of C3M are too numerous to list.  Please stop by the exhibit area for a demonstration and to view the new Mobile App for easy attendance tracking.

Booth # 8-SkillScan and Career Compass
Contact: Lesah Beckhusen
(925) 939-8997
SkillScan offers engaging online and print transferable skills assessment tools including, Express (New), that works on smart phones. Assessment results connect with Holland and Personality themes. The Career Compass is a unique visual planning workbook for helping clients see the big picture and make informed decisions about their career path.

Booth # 9-Certiport
Contact: Teresa Harry
(801) 847-3100
Certiport is the leading provider of foundational industry certifications in Information Technology.  Leading technology companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit, HP and Autodesk partner with Certiport to develop and deliver rigorous certification programs.  Stop by our booth to learn more about how you can CERTIFY a brighter future!

Booth # 10-Into Careers
Contact: Curtis Fuhriman
(541) 346-5616
For over 40 years, intoCareers has delivered innovative and comprehensive career guidance with the Career Information System. As a national thought leader and outreach unit of the University of Oregon, intoCareers creates content, multimedia curriculum, and internet applications to assist people in making informed career choices. We deliver high-quality national and local information about occupations, employment, education, and training while meeting and adhering to nationally recognized standards of quality. Our programs enhance graduation outcomes, promote postsecondary education and employment. We partner with state education agencies, postsecondary education institutions, labor departments, and we support the career programs and goals of these states.

Booth # 11- University of the Rockies
Contact: Natalie Weaver
Expertise, purpose, and leadership – these ideas are at the heart of University of the Rockies. A graduate school of the social and behavioral sciences, University of the Rockies offers master’s and doctoral degrees through the School of Professional Psychology and the School of Organizational Leadership. Students may take classes in downtown Denver, Colo., or work toward degrees online from anywhere in the country. No matter where they are, the students and faculty of University of the Rockies are passionate about excellence in business and in society.

Booth # 12-Purposely
Contact: Greg Baker
At Purposely, we are passionate about creating pathways for students to help them land their career of choice.  Our goal is to give students the training they need to translate their academic journey into a life and job of purpose.  With this passion, we have built the Career Platform, an online curriculum for systematically learning job-seeking skills.
The Career Platform is your online, always accessible center for career success.  Using short videos, assessments, quizzes and an interactive portal to millions of jobs around the country and the world, students' path to employment success is more accessible, more interactive and ultimately more effective than ever before.

Booth # 13-14- Kuder, Inc.
Contact: Bethney Ahrendsen
(515) 993-3005
For over 75 years, more than 165 million people worldwide have relied on Kuder (www.kuder.com) for evidence-based career assessment, education planning, and guidance resources.  With affordable solutions for pre-K through retirement, our customizable products and services reflect a commitment to encouraging lifelong learning, development, and achievement.  Kuder is proud to offer comprehensive tools and resources for career planners at all life stages while supporting the communication and collaboration between key stakeholders in economic success-education, business, industry, community and state agencies.

Booth # 15-GoinGlobal
Contact: Sean Gallagher
(251) 342-9811
GoinGlobal is the market leader in supporting the world’s leading academic institutions with expert-researched career and employment resources. The constantly updated database includes career guides for 90-plus locations, a proprietary H1B visa search engine, corporate profiles and more than 16 million job and internship listings. Contact Mary Anne Thompson president@goinglobal.com, or call 1.251.342.9811.

Booth # 16-The Highlands Company
Contact: Kim Mumola
(914) 834-2001 ext 307
The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) online assessment; The True Test of Natural Abilities-HAB is a personal development and career guidance tool, used by hundreds of counselors worldwide, that identifies an individual's natural abilities through direct and objective measurements, not through self-reporting.
A valuable assessment tool which facilitates coaching, counseling and consultation to high school and college students, adults seeking help with career changes and individuals and groups in corporations and public institutions.  Highlands introduces the NEW Career Exploration Supplement, a powerful tool that will take career guidance to the next level.  Careers to explore are based on a combination of abilities AND personal style.  Visit us at booth 16 to learn more.

Booth # 17-Jist Publishing
Contact: Bette Lind
(800) 328-1452
See JIST Publishing for career materials; including job search, career exploration, occupation information, college preparation, and life skills.  Stop by and see our newest product, JIST Gateway, which offers job seekers a one-stop online solution with all the career education and job search resources they need to find and keep a good job.

Booth # 18-Resume Writing Academy/CTL
Contact: Marie Zimenoff
(970) 420-8413
Stop by booth # 18 to meet Marie Zimenoff, the new Executive Director of Career Thought Leaders and Resume Writing Academy.  Learn about the industry's most comprehensive resume-writing training leading to the ACRW or peruse our resources and upcoming events.  Bringing you the now, the new, and the next in the careers industry.

Booth # 19- Talent Matters
Contact: Reid Tolley
(330) 354-6262
The Harrison Assessment Development and Career Navigator Reports enables you to help your clients with valuable, unique career insights.

Talent Matters helps build growing, adaptable individuals and organizations by assisting in hiring, developing and promoting the right talent with the Harrison Assessment Talent System, coaching, education, and organization consulting.

Booth # 20- Education Career Services, LLC
Contact: Danny Huffman
(321) 972-8919
“ECS partners with academic institutions, reentry/prison systems, equipping and empowering individuals toward professional success by customizing curriculum, textbooks, and workshops to match demographic uniqueness, program philosophies, and gainful employment objectives. Committed to reducing recidivism, community involvement, and designing professional courseware, our latest four-year project, “Central Florida Jobs Initiative,” is launching nationally and seeking partnerships.”

Booth # 21-American Counseling Association
Contact: Carolyn Baker
(703) 823-9800 ext 356
Visit ACA to obtain membership and conference information and to purchase our latest texts including Career Counseling, 4e; ACA Ethical Standards Casebook, 7e; The Counselor and the Law, 7e; DSM-5 Learning Companion for Counselors and 2014 State of the Profession: Counselor Compensation.

Booth # 26-Vocational Research Institute
Contact: Krista Biesecker
(215) 875-7387
CareerScope® is a valid, reliable, and objective interest and aptitude assessment available on CD or Online.  CareerScope recommendations are based on Department of Labor and Department of Education standards and provide the basis for selecting the most appropriate education/training program and developing transition, training, and employment retention plans.  Ask about a free trial!

Booth # 27-ETS HiSET
Contact: Amy Riker
(609) 619-1640
The ETS HiSET program, a national high school equivalency test, includes elements critical to providing out-of-school youth and adults with the best opportunity to demonstrate their high school-level proficiency and their readiness for higher education or the workplace.

Booth # 29-CSO Research, Inc.
Contact: Rebecca Giddings
(866) 705-4201
CSO Research, Inc. helps launch the careers of the college-educated workforce through technology that connects students with employers.  Our career center automation software, the CSO System, is used by more than 900 college campuses.  Our career outcomes data collection software, The Outcomes Survey®, is used by more than 100 schools.

Booth # 30-Center on Education and Work
Contact: Jane Swiecinski
(800) 862-1071
The Center on Education and Work (CEW) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison assists educators and career development professionals with career-related resources, research, and professional development. The Center is the creator of CareerLocker, a comprehensive online career information system used by 600,000 active users. Students and adults use this system for career exploration, academic and career planning, and job seeking.  Recently the website has been redesigned for easier navigation and new features have been added. Stop by Booth # 30 and take a look!

Booth #31-Bureau of Labor Statistics
Contact: Jeffrey Wilkins
(202) 691-5715
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is the government’s source for labor force and employment projections.  It produces current occupational wage and employment data, career guidance information, and employment projections to 2022. Staff are available to answer questions and demonstrate how to navigate the BLS website.

Booth # 35- Edits Publishers
Contact: Kimberly Frichtel
(800) 416-1666
For over 50 years, EdITS has been the industry leader in guidance and instructional materials.  We feature the COPSystem career assessments relating interests, abilities, and work values to career clusters and pathways.  Project CERES is a K-12 career focused curriculum program designed to relate school subjects to career skills.  Additionally, we offer various measures of personality, self-concept, and study attitudes.

Booth # 36-37-PAR, Inc.
Contact: Teri Lyon
(813) 449-4074
With a reputation for unparalleled Customer Service, PAR, Inc. is a leading publisher of innovative psychological assessments, including our Internet testing and reporting system, PARiConnect. 

Booth # 39-40-US Army Recruiting Command
Contact: Ina Jane Tyler
(502) 626-1981
Education is an essential component and an important building block for the future of today's youth.  The Army has long been an advocate of preparing the next generation of global citizens to tackle issues facing a changing world.  The Army understands its responsibility to enable students by giving them the tools they need to attain the brightest and best futures in whatever educational or career path they choose after high school.  Please visit http://armyedspace.com/resources/educator-toolkit/.

Booth # 41-The Center for Work Ethic Development
Contact: Aspen Brooks
(303) 433-3243
The Center for Work Ethic Development partners with organizations across the U.S. giving practical tools for building work ethic.  Our innovative curriculum and certification program, Bring Your A Game to Work, is available in three versions (adult, youth, and veteran).  Find out how we’re helping more than 500 organizations turn common sense into common practice!