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RSQ Volume 50,
Number 5

Fall 2020

Please click on the authors’ names below to view the article abstracts for the Fall 2020 issue:

Fall 2020, 50.5, pages: 305-320
“Sharing a World with Others”: Rhetoric’s Ecological Turn and the Transformation of the Networked Public Sphere

Fall 2020, 50.5, pages: 321-334
Walleye Wars and Pedagogical Management: Cooperative Rhetorics of Responsibility in Response to Settler Colonialism

GOLD, David
Fall 2020, 50.5, pages: 335-351
Creating Space for Black Women’s Citizenship: African American Suffrage Arguments in the Crisis

SMITH, Joshua
Fall 2020, 50.5, pages: 352-367
The Moving Boundaries of Bears Ears: Ecological Rhetorics and the Shrinking of a Monument

JOHNSON. Nathan R. & Meredith A. Johnson
Fall 2020, 50.5, pages: 368-382
Precarious Data: Affect, Infrastructure, and Public Education

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