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ASK Radio/TV Campaign Begins This Month

Listen for a series of public service announcements on radio and television stations in Ohio that tell patients to ASK the pharmacist for information about prescription and nonprescription medications. ASK stands for Answers, Service, and Knowledge. Here is the script for one of the brief messages:

(Man's voice) I wonder if the yellow herbal pill will react with my prescription medication? (Elderly woman) I took the yellow pill at noon, do I take the green pill at three?
(Mother) Do I give him the red medicine based on his age or his weight? (baby cries) (3 voices at once) I forgot to take the blue pill yesterday, should I take two today??
(Announcer) 50% of all prescription drugs are taken incorrectly… 30% of all hospital and nursing home admissions are directly related to improper use of these medications. Don't take chances… ASK! Answers, service, knowledge… talk to your pharmacist.

These radio and TV ads are simple, clear, and designed to get the public to recognize the pharmacist's value. It is estimated that over 125,000 people die each year, several hundred thousand patients are hospitalized, and thousands more are placed in nursing homes for one simple reason - they did not take their medications properly. We need for the public to take greater care in understanding the medications that you so carefully dispense. Asking questions and listening for answers is the key to success. The campaign will also feature print advertising in selected major newspapers in Ohio. Also, a brochure is being developed that you can copy and distribute in your pharmacy, or in physician offices. There will be a place to insert your pharmacy's logo and other information. A slide show is also going to be available soon that you can use to talk to various service groups in your community.

We hope this campaign helps position you as a key component of your patient' s well-being. Let us know what response you hear from this campaign.

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