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In early 2008, the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the SCAA was organized by an enthusiastic and passionate group of people. Many of them have been working for many years to promote awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and the importance of knowing CPR and how to use an AED. This core group and others became the steering committee for this California chapter. 

Chapter leader Anita Grogan is the wife of SCA Survivor Jack Grogan, an SCAA board member. Together, they have been involved with SCA issues since 2002, including NCED's Survivor Network in Washington, DC. Anita and Jack have been very passionate about local and state involvement and have been working with EMS professionals and fire departments in the Bay Area. One of their proudest achievements is their involvement in the passage of legislation in California requiring that all fitness centers have AEDs.

The chapter is very  honored  to have Dr. Paul Wang, MD, of Stanford University Medical Center as their medical director. Dr. Wang and his family have been very helpful and supportive in the forming of this chapter.

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter has been very active since they held their first meeting. Membership keeps growing, and they enlist the help of many others who are interested in this important work. Members are presently working on CPR and AED training in several schools throughout this area of California. Several members are working on Heart Safe City Programs and PAD programs for their cities and counties. Our plan is to encourage more ICD patients to become active in the SCA prevention community. Support groups for survivors, ICD patients, and their families are being organized  in the Bay Area. We are very eager to begin work with the other newly formed California SCAA Chapters so that  Californians will be better informed about Sudden Cardiac Arrest, the importance of knowing CPR, and how to use an AED. We also plan to work on getting AEDs in many more locations in California. We know that together we will make a difference!


Chapter Leader: Anita Grogan
Chapter Co-Leader:  Captain Jose Chavez

Medical Director: Dr. Paul Wang, M.D., Stanford University Medical Center, Acting Professor in Cardiovascular Medicine, Director, Cardiac Arrhythmia Service and Cardiac Electrophysiology Laboratory

Secretary: Stephanie Lau, Safety Manager, San Jose International Airport, San Jose, CA

Steering Committee Members:
Jim Baum, SCA Survivor, Lodi, CA
Julianne Brawner, Health Education Services, Menlo Park, CA
Captain Jose Chavez, BFO-EMS, San Jose Fire Department, San Jose, CA
Lt. Steve Drewniany, Sunnyvale DPS, Sunnyvale, CA
Jack Grogan, SCA Survivor, SCAA Board Member, San Jose, CA
Pamela Kurtzman, Heart Safe Program Manager, Sequoia Health Care District, Redwood City, CA
Caralee Weich, SCA Survivor, Menlo Park, CA
Dr. Gloria Wu, M.D., Opthamology, Retina Vitreous, Los Gatos, CA

Teen Co-Chairs: Catherine Wang, Saratoga, CA; Lauren Rogers, San Jose, CA; Kelley Grogan, San Jose, CA; Caitlin Rogers, San Jose, CA.

College/Young Adult Co-Chairperson: Margaret Wang, Saratoga, CA

November 22, 2014  Hero Ceremony with CPR/AED training

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the SCAA and the Santa Clara School District are co-sponsoring a special community event on November 22.  We will be honoring SCA Survivor Chris Amaro and the Heroes who helped save his life when he collapsed at Scott Lane Elementary School.  Angie Scott, member of the SF Bay Area Chapter and also AED Coordinator for this school district and Captain Jose Chavez, SJFD and Co Leader of SF Bay Area Chapter, will head up a team that will be teaching Hands Only CPR  and how to use an AED.  For more information on this event check out "San Francisco Bay Area Bilingual  Event" . 

 San Francisco Bay Area Bilingual Event

California Group Pushes for Wider AED Distribution

Complete story>>>

The Santa Cruz Emergency offices held a large press Conference recently to announce that Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties are now part of the Pulse Point program. This is really great news as more lives are being saved because of the quick responses .
    Our Chapter was asked to participate and provide two Survivors to speak with the press at this event.  Survivors Jerry Jolliff and Bill Gile and Capt Jose Chavez of SJFD and CO Chair of our Chapter all attended and spoke.


  HERO EVENT      Donation of two AEDs to the San Jose Mineta  International  Airport Segway program. Earlier this year the Grogan Family donated two more AEDs to this program .

  This photo is the donation of an AED and trainer and a traveling case  to a school in Santa Cruz, CA. The Jack Grogan Family donated this in memory of Jack Grogan.
    Sarah and George attend the school and accepted the AED and trainer on behalf of their school.  
School Donation
Capt. Jose Chavez , Anita Grogan, Sarah Chavez, George Chavez, Colleen Grogan, Dale Grogan.

 March 13, 2014
Our Chapter wants to share great news with all of you. Last week there was another SCA SAVE at the San Jose International Airport . This is the second Save in just a few months. The SAVE took place with the help of  Good Samaritans and Airport Personnel.
    When the traveler collapsed he was  given immediate assistance and everything worked the way it is supposed to . He is still in hospital and his wife has joined him here in San Jose. I am very pleased to tell you that soon after the event, two of our Members visited him at the hospital and have now met his wife also. They offered their support and friendship and told them that SCAA is here to help in any way we can. I am also in touch with the Survivors' wife and will meet with her soon. She had to return to Hawaii for a few days.
     As many of you know Jack always visited Survivors at hospital and he would be very  happy that our Members are following in this passion. Our Chapter is in the process of putting together a packet of information to take to hospital for these Saves.
     We will be planning a HERO AWARD  ceremony soon.
     It has been a good week for the San Francisco Chapter !



  The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the SCAA – Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association

 Invites you to join us for a special event as we. . . 

  CELEBRATE  those who survived a SCA—REMEMBER those who did not survive—and HONOR those HEROES who are attempting to SAVE LIVES.

               SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2013    

from 2 pm – 4 pm 

Appetizers, Beverages  and Dessert

    SONOMA CHICKEN COOP,  90 SKYPORT Drive, San Jose, California

     A time to meet and greet old friends ….and a chance to meet new friends

  We encourage you to bring family and  others that share our mission!

       Please RSVP  by October  21   to Anita  Grogan (

or Stephanie Lau or Captain Jose Chavez


San Jose Fire Department announces free, life-saving app created in San Ramon Valley

Perfectly timed to Valentine's Day, the San Jose Fire Department announced an application that will alert anyone who downloads it that someone nearby has called 911 and is having a heart attack. The smartphone and iPad app, found using a keyword search of "PulsePoint," is free for anyone to use, but it is recommended that those who download it are certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Contra Costa Times

San Jose Fire Department announces free, life-saving app

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Danville Express

Fire District app debuts in San Jose

In conjunction with Valentine's Day, San Jose community leaders launched the PulsePoint citizen first responder mobile phone application designed to alert CPR-trained users to a victim in cardiac arrest. After a year working to get the app in the San Jose Fire service area, the district and El Camino Hospital unveiled the application at a news conference.

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PC World
Location-based App for CPR Responders Spreads to Second City

A location-based phone application that alerts people trained in CPR when someone nearby is having a heart attack will be spreading from San Ramon, California, to San Jose by mid-February, according to San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District Chief Richard Price.

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Location-based app for CPR responders spreads to second city

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In addition, the CPR app was mentioned in the following broadcast/radio stations:

                - KTVU 10 O’Clock News

                - KPIX CBS 5 Eyewitness News

                - KNTV NBC Bay Area News

                - KCBS AM Radio

                - KGO AM Radio

                - ITV America Now

-Comcast 186 (pending clip)

-KLIV 1590 AM Radio (pending clip)

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 View press conference pictures

Events of San Francisco Bay Area Chapter October SCA Awareness Month 2011.

The ZOLL AED was presented to the Washington Neighborhood Health Clinic which is part of the Santa Clara County School Health Clinics.  We met at the Washington Clinic where we learned of the services that they provide.

One of the Clinic Nurses told us of the recent CPR/AED training that they have completed at a 7th Grade class in which over 300 students were trained!  We plan to work with them next year when they will be training more students. Our SF Bay Area Chapter Members were able to share information on the SCAA.

SCA Survivor Jerry Jolliff and his wife Nancy presented the AED. Jerry told the group the story of his save at a local Community Center where he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. He was saved by two teenage life guards who came to his aid.  

CPR AED photo 1

Left to right:

Celia Morton, Dir. of Fund Develop & Communications
Lauren Rogers, Colleen Grogan (SCAA Members)
Dr. Monica Mensah, MD , Medical Director
Stephanie Lau, Jerry Jolliff, Becky Grogan Rogers (SCAA Members)



CPR AED photo 2

Celia Morton, Director of Fund Development & Communications
Dr. Monica Mensah, MD, Medical Director
SF Bay Chapter Members:  Jerry Jolliff, SCA Survivor, Nancy Jolliff, Anita Grogan      


Organization in Santa Clara County Pushes for Wider Distribution of Automated External Defibrillators – San Jose Mercury News

The American Legion Honors CA Jose Chavez and the late Jack Grogan

The American Legion for many years has honored Firefighers through their Public Safety Awards Program. This year they have chosen CA Jose Chavez and the late Jack Grogan and family to receive the award for Sustained Superior Service for 2010 for their continuing effort in making the City of San Jose a "Heart Safe City". The Heart Safe City project's mission statement is as follows, "Reduce morbidity and mortality associated with cardiac related events" Through CA Chavez' and Jack's dedicated effort the City of San Jose will soon increase the number of AED's from 160 to 500. The program will also dramatically increase the number of residents and visitors to San Jose trained in CPR. The first year program goal would be 20,000 people. The Awards Dinner is scheduled for March 20th 2010 at 5pm. Please contact Garry McLeod for more event information (408) 772-8827. CA Chavez and the late Jack Grogan have demonstrated in their actions a commitment to public safety and through their efforts the entire City of San Jose will benefit. Congratulations.

For more details, click here

 Visit YOU TUBE to see several videos on Heart Save City.

YouTube - Heart Safe Program in Willow Glen, CA


A Man Who Used Borrowed Time to Help Others


By Patty Fisher,

Jack Grogan knew he was living on borrowed time, and he was determined to make every minute count.

Technically, Grogan died in 2002, when his heart stopped beating while he was sitting on an airplane, waiting to take off. He survived only because a quick-thinking flight attendant shocked him back to life with a portable defibrillator.

After that experience and triple bypass surgery, the hard-driving ex-Marine dedicated his life to making sure others would get a second chance the way he had. He campaigned tirelessly to put defibrillators in public buildings and make sure people knew how to use them.

Complete Story >>

November 19, 2009
The San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District boardroom was filled with sudden cardiac arrest survivors, their families and the public safety personnel who helped to save them, on Wednesday evening.

It was the annual recognition of survivors and the response crews who assisted them, by the Fire District along with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association and Contra Costa County Emergency Medical Services. One-by-one each survivor came up to the podium and spoke about their experiences and thanked the men and women who helped them.

The survivors included a 10-year-old boy, a father of three, and a man who both survived a cardiac arrest and provided CPR to another person. Each of their presentations had a similar thread, one of thanks and one of outreach to others to become trained in CPR and the proper use of an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator).

Complete Danville Express Article

May 14, 2009 – Hearts United
SCAA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter members attended a Hearts United Recognition Event where United Flight Attendants who came to the aid of a passenger, Sid Gross of Bowling Green, Kentucky, at a Hawaii airport when he had a cardiac arrest were honored. Jack Grogan of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter was the Keynote speaker.

The group of United Airline Flight Attendants that were honored.
The honored United Airline Flight Attendants

Survivor Jack Grogan, Keynote Speaker at the Hearts United event
Survivor Jack Grogan, Keynote Speaker at the Hearts United event

Jack Grogan with Survivor Sid Goss and his wife Gerri
Jack Grogan with Survivor Sid Goss and his wife Gerri. SCAA Hawaii Chapter Leader Pam Foster met with Sid and Gerri in Hawaii and presented Sid with the shirt he is wearing.

May 5, 2009 – SCAA Hero Awards Event at Menlo School
SCAA Hero Awards were presented to the rescuers who came to the aid of Pat Boland when he collapsed while officiating a basketball game at Menlo School. SCAA Hero plaques and pins were presented to; Jon Cohen, Menlo School Staff ; Dr. Randall Lee ; Dr. Jim Badger ; Dr. Susan Hoffman ; Dr. Kathy Renschler ; Deborah Addicott, R.N. ; Joan Barada, R.N.; Chief Glenn Nielsen.

5/5/09-Pat Boland, survivor, with his wife Christine at the Awards Ceremony
Pat Boland, survivor, with his wife Christine at the Awards Ceremony

5/5/09-Pat and Christine with Jack Grogan and SCAA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter leader Anita Grogan
Pat and Christine with Jack Grogan and SCAA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter leader Anita Grogan

5/5/09-Pat and Christine Boland, Jack and Anita Grogan, and some of the heroes who helped save Pat’s life
Pat and Christine Boland, Jack and Anita Grogan, and some of the heroes who helped save Pat’s life

On June 2, 2009, at the San Jose, CA City Council Meeting, Mayor Chuck Reed officially recognized National CPR/AED Awareness Week in San Jose. The San Jose Fire Dept -Heart  Safe City , The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association , and the American Heart Association  together sponsored special awards to four locations for the work they are doing in making the public more aware of SCA and the importance of CPR and how to use an AED.  Lives were saved at these locations.

            1) Mineta San Jose International Airport

            2) H.P. Pavilion 

            3) Cisco Systems

            4) Valley Christian High School.

City Council Awards Cermony 6/2/09

 Pictured left to right: Sgt. Joe Hernandez ( SJPD- AD ) ; Sgt. Rich Brooks ( SJPD- AD ); Sgt. Mike Smith ( SJPD ); Sandra Dixon (bystander who offered her support at the time of the incident); SCA  Survivor William Gile (who suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest and was saved at the airport); Stephanie Lau, Safety Manager of Mineta San Jose International Airport.

October 11, 2009

In San Ramon Valley, California a 10 year old boy with a pre-existing heart condition went into cardiac arrest while playing on his scooter. His dad and a neighbor immediately began CPR while his brother called 911.  When the paramedics from the San Ramon Valley Fire Department arrived they shocked him with a defibrillator and transported him to the hospital.

Just hours later a 47 year old man went into cardiac arrest.  The police arrived first and used an AED to get his heart beating again.  Fortunately, AEDs are carried in every patrol car in San Ramon Valley.  Paramedics then transported him to the hospital.

Captain Andy Swartzell, mentioned in the article, is a member of SCAA's San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.

Thanks to a defibrillator and CPR used and performed by those that were well trained in how to use those life saving techniques two people are alive today.

Full story from the Contra Costa Times:

San Ramon Valley strives to be 'HeartSafe' community -

The San Mateo County 5th Annual Emergency Preparedness Event was held Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009 in South San Francisco.The SF BAY Area Chapter of SCAA took part and sponsored a Booth. Demonstrations of CPR and how to use an AED were given to many of the Attendees. SCAA Brochures and Power Point Newsletter were given out. The SCAA bracelets were a popular item. There were approximately 3000 people who attended this event.

Julianne Brawner ( Health Education Services and Pamela Kurtzman ( Sequoia Healthcare District ) both sponsored Booths as well. They are both active Members of SF BAY AREA Chapter. Julianne taught CPR most of the day to many attendees and Pamela's group presented a "Mock SCA" event. Survivors Coach Putterman and Jack Grogan took part in this also.

SF Bay - San Mateo Emergency Preparation #1

Survivor Jack Grogan at the SF BAY Area Booth at the San Mateo Event.

SF Bay - San Mateo Emergency Preparation #2

The Health Education Services Booth at the San Mateo Emergency Preparedness Event which was sponsored by Julianne Brawner (left)

SF Bay Chapter Enjoys Another Successful Meeting
On August 26, 2009, the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of SCAA presented The SCAA HERO AWARD to Survivor Joe Farrell by Survivor Jerry Jolliff and Survivor Jack Grogan. In the photo below, offering congratulations are (left to right) Jerry Jolliff, Joe Farrell, Jack Grogan, Caralee Weich, and Ken Huber. All are Survivors of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Joe Farrell saved a man's life on a golf course in South Lake Tahoe when he suffered SCA.

SF Bay - SCA Symposium

Congratulations were extended to Member Brian Vierra (right, below) for completing his paramedic certification. Angie Martinez, who has acted as Brian's Supervisor spoke to the group about the great work that Brian has been doing. Brian has also received TWO SCAA HERO awards for helping to save two SCA Survivors.

SF Bay - SCA Symposium #2

Pamela Dodson (left, below) from Contra Costa County EMS shared with the group the new banner that will be used in their Heart Safe Community project.This project was introduced and presented to the Chapter by Pamela at the May Meeting. We are very excited to support this project . Jack Grogan and Jennifer Hughes look on.

SF Bay - SCA Symposium #3

Defibrillators will remain at Lodi Unified schools

By Jennifer Bonnett

Lodi Unified has decided not to pull automatic electronic defibrillators out of the district's four high schools.

"They're going to stay where they're at," Chief Business Official Doug Barge said Tuesday after receiving direction from the superintendent.

Superintendent Cathy Nichols-Washer directed the district to essentially take no action regarding the defibrillators, he said.

Read the entire article from the Lodi News-Sentinel here >>

May 27 Chapter Meeting: Member Pamela Dodson spoke to the Chapter on the new Contra Costa County Heart Safe Community proposal, which has been presented recently. Pam is with the Contra Costa County EMS.

Member and survivor Caralee Weich presented the SCAA Hero Award and pins to Sebastian Wong, Section Chief - EMS Operations, San Francisco Fire Dept. Sebastian is her Hero as he helped save her life when she suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest as she leaving a Musical Theatre in in San Francisco.

Board Member Jack Grogan also presented Member Brian Vierra with the SCAA Hero Award for his actions to help save the lives of two SCA victims.

SF Bay Area Chapter members at the Monthly Meeting on May 27
SF Bay Area Chapter members at the Monthly Meeting

Survivor Caralee Weich presenting the SCAA HERO AWARD and HERO pin
Survivor Caralee Weich presenting the SCAA Hero Award and Hero Pin to San Francisco Fire Department A-Section Chief of EMS Operations Sebastian Wong. Sebastian was responsible for Caralee's life being saved when she collapsed from SCA after leaving a San Francisco Theatre Musical Performance.

Jack Grogan presents the SCAA HERO AWARD Plaque and HERO pin to Brian Vierra who has helped save two lives.
Jack Grogan presents the SCAA Hero Award and Hero Pin to Brian Vierra, who has helped save two lives.

From Victims to Teachers

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter member Joseph Farrell and SCAA board member Jack Grogan were recently interviewed about their sudden cardiac arrest experiences.

In an article for the Contra Costa Times, Farrell and Grogan recounted their own survivor stories while giving information on the causes and treatments for SCA.

Teens Host "Heart Skate"

Katie Wang was this year's Chairperson of the popular event to raise Awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the importance of knowing CPR and how to use an AED. The event was held on May 24 at the Logitech Ice Arena in San Jose, California. This year an added event was a Walk a thon held earlier in the day. The Teen members have many other projects they are planning for the upcoming year.

Caitlin Rogers, Katie Wang, Lauren Rogers and Kelley Grogan - 5-24-09

Teen co-chairs of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of SCAA at the recent "Heart Skate" Skate-a Thon. From left to right: Caitlin Rogers, Katie Wang, Lauren Rogers, and Kelley Grogan.

Jack Grogan recently welcomed SCA Survivors Joe Farrell and Jerry Jolliff as SCAA members at a San Francisco Bay Area meeting. They are both eager to become involved in the SCAA organization. Jack also presented Joe Farrell with an SCAA Hero pin, as he had saved a gentleman a few months before his own SCA. The man suffered a cardiac arrest on a Golf course at Lake Tahoe and Joe and others came to his rescue!

Joe Farrell, Jerry Joliff, and Jack Grogan
Jack Grogan (center) welcomes new SCAA Members Joe Farrell ( left) and Jerry Joliff (right) and presents them with their SCAA Survivor pins.

Edie Farrell, Jack Grogan - 4-22-09
Edie Farrell (left) was also welcomed to the chapter by Grogan.

Survivor Jim Baum and Survivor Jack Grogan presented the SCAA Plaque and the SCAA Hero pin to Lt Steve Carillo of the Lodi, California Police Department on February 3, 2009. Carillo saved a fellow police officer's life at the FBI Academy in November.

Baum (left) and Grogan (right) award Carillo (center) for saving a life.



Anita Grogan
298 Esteban Way
San Jose, CA 95119
(408) 234-1936

Captain Jose Chavez


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