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The Western Maine affiliate is an extension of Med-Care Ambulance, a non-profit service owned by eleven towns of the River Valley in Western Maine, covering an area of over 500 square miles. It provides emergency medical services to these towns and is active in Healthy Maine Partnerships, a state program that addresses cardiovascular health promotion and disease prevention and control. Their vision is a "Heart Healthy and Stroke-Free Maine." Among many recent accomplishments, they held 28 CPR educational programs and deployed 20 AEDs into the communities.


Nicaragua Trip January 2015

This was our 4th trip to Nicaragua. We have deployed nearly 20 AED's during this time. We trained over 300 nurses, doctors, village people, community leaders, tourist groups, police, first responders and firefighters during this time.

We have had one documented code save with the unit. Along with a life being saved by a dear friend of mine who had First Aid and Heimlich paperwork and his wife read this material and used the skills to save a young girls life! We honored her this year. Pic # 5.

Pic # 1-  Remote village in Jiguillio. We deployed an AED and trained community leaders on the use of an AED, SCA, First Aid and CPR.

Pic # 2-  Remote location which had previously received an AED from us. We trained their local community leaders in First Aid, CPR and AED

Pic # 3 Remote  village located on the outskirts of Chinandega. We sponsored their school, fed the village people and deployed an AED

Pic # 4 One of the local Fire Brigades in Chinandega. They also have received an AED from us in the past. We return each year to offer additional training(s) and check on units.


The village we sponsored hung a sign on a tree upon our arrival, merely saying thank you and they love us.

Pictures of village children that benefited from the course and health care we offered.

Pictures taken during community training.



June 2014
AED to Oxford Federal Credit Union
Press Release

Nicaragua 2013
Donation opportunities to help train Nicaraguan medical professionals on Sudden Cardiac Arrest awareness, CPR and AEDs!
Fans saw a special presentation at Harlow Park on Oct. 9. (4/10/2013)
Med-Care Ambulance, in conjunction with the Dirigo Cougar football team, surprised the fans with a Flash Mob CPR presentation during the high school soccer games. The presentation was not only fun for all involved, but provided a great opportunity for citizens to learn about the new American Heart Association's Hands Only CPR Program.
Complete press release
Dirigo Cougar football team performing their CPR Flash Mob presentation
Dirigo Football Team Flash Mob
Nicaragua Thank You! (4/11/2013) 

November 29, 2012

Letter to the Editor

I would like to extend a very special thank you to everyone that believed in the possibility of something greater for our friends inNicaragua.  We were very busy while there and through our collaborative efforts we provided routine well being care and advanced medical surgeries for those in need. We facilitated “Hands Only” CPR awareness workshops, sudden cardiac arrest awareness classes, and automated external defibrillator trainings for over 200 doctors, nurses, and firefighters!

In addition to this, through generous donations we were able to deploy another three automated external defibrillators to much needed areas that otherwise had no life saving medical equipment.

It was a huge success and could not have been achieved without people like you.

I am so proud to share with you those that contributed;

Central MaineHeart and Vascular Institute

Medical Reimbursement Service

Pine Tree Cellular

Gallant’s Furniture

Bessey’s Auto

Webb River Sportman’s Club

Rumford Rotary

MountainValleyEye Care

Lifesavers Inc

Silicon Valley Bank

Cardiac Science

Leading the way in spectacular customer relations was Bill Menke who heard of our transportation dilemma and took action. With that being said, Lee Auto Mall provided transportation AT NO CHARGE to and from Auburn to Boston for the entire 21 member medical group from Maine supplying us with three passenger vans and one cargo van for our luggage.

Laurieann Milligan

Western Maine Leader Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Maine Leader for Parent Heart Watch

Med-Care Ambulance

Lee Auburn


Federated Fire


Hospital Corinth

Hospital Espano

   Hospital Pt

 Megs Clinic AED
HeartSine AED's Save Lives in Nicaragua! (2/12/2013)
HeartSine automated external defibrillators (AEDs) placed in Nicaragua helped to save two lives in 2011. How those AEDs came to be in Nicaragua, a place where access to medical technology is extremely limited, is largely due to the drive of one woman: Laurieann Milligan, Community Outreach Coordinator of Med-Care Ambulance Service, the Western Maine branch of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association (SCAA).
Complete story>>

Western Maine Affiliate Donates AED to Local School to Protect Students, Staff and Visitors from SCA

Maine AED School Donation

Western Maine Donates AED to Local Volunteer Fire Department to Commemorate National CPR & AED Week

W ME 7 2011

L to R)  Julie Anderson, Monson Town Manager, Ben Thomas, Monson Fire Department/EMT-B, Dean Milligan Chief/Paramedic Med-Care Ambulance, Chris Sargent Monson Fire Department/EMT-P, Eric Melia Monson Fire Department Chief/EMT-P, Bobby Harris CA Dean Driver


W ME Survivor 1

  W ME Survivor 2

  W ME Survivor 3

W ME Survivor 4

W ME Survivor 5

W ME Survivor 6

W ME Survivor 7

W ME Survivor 9

W ME Survivor 10

W ME Survivor 11

Schools Gets Defibrillaters
By Mechele Cooper, Kennebec Journal

A fire association has donated two devices that jump-start hearts and prevent sudden cardiac deaths.

Rich Kindelan, president of the IAFF Local 2303 Gardiner Professional Firefighters, said his union raised $2,000 with aid from businesses and individuals to buy two cardiac defibrillators for Gardiner Area High School.

The powerful shock it delivers to the heart muscle is the only means of reviving cardiac-arrest victims whose hearts have gone into ventricular fibrillation -- a condition in which the heartbeat suddenly becomes chaotic.   Complete Story

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

by Cherri Crockett

RUMFORD- Bangor Savings Bank (BSB) and Med-Care Ambulance in partnership with Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association (SCAA) held a free ski night at Black Mountain in February.

Throughout the night, participants had a chance to win various prizes after answering questions related to banking, health and emergency responder topics.

"River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition is such a vital part of our communities' awareness of living active and healthy lifestyles, stated Laurieann Milligan, leader of Western Maine Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association. "They graciously donated a Wii for us to give away.

Chris Henderson was the recipient of the Wii Fit by simply attending the free ski night and entering his name in a drawing. 

"A lot of talk is in the air about wellness and overall healthy life style changes," stated Milligan. "All of us as parents, teachers and community leaders need to take action on this topic now versus later." "Obesity and heart disease is on the rise and people need to know there are answers out there."

Additional prizes were awarded to Steve Child, Steven Hildebrand and Tammy Noyes. They are encouraged to stop by the Med-Care building in Mexico to pick up their gifts.

Med-Care/SCAA, Bangor Savings Bank and River Valley Healthy Communities are here to assist you. Call or visit www.bangor.com, www.rvhcc.org or www.med-careambulance.com to learn more.

To find out if you are at risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest visit www.suddencardiacarrest.org.

 W ME Wii

Chris Henderson is pictured here being presented with a Wii Fit by Patricia Duguay (left), executive director of River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition, Kelly Greene, manager of Bangor Savings in Rumford and Laurieann Milligan, Western Maine Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association leader. (Times photo by Cherri Crockett)


March 23rd, 2010


Med-Care is pleased to announce that it has just deployed its firstAutomated External Defibrillator to a common citizen for personaluse. Recently the device was deployed to Wayne Millen a citizen of West Paris here at Med-Care base. He has plans for his wife, family members, and friends to receive training on the use of this device as well as CPR and we are assisting him in accomplishing this.

Director of Operations Dean Milligan - This is the first ever for our organization and we hope it is one that will create a trend throughout the region for others that may have serious cardiac risks and want to add an additional level of security within their life. It also opened our eyes to the fact that we have not advertised or marketed AED's to local citizens and to the fact that these devices are available for their purchase through our organization for personal use.

In this particular case the individual has a substantial family cardiac history and wanted to acquire this life saving device to have in his possession so that his family or friends may have it available to utilize should he unexpectedly have a cardiac event that could potentially escalate and leave him in cardiac arrest. When Community Outreach and Public Education Coordinator Laurieann Milligan recently met with the individual to provide him his AED he stated that he wanted to take a proactive approach to this medical situation and not leave his loved ones in position where they wouldn't be able to help him and have to be reactionary in nature.

Community Outreach and Education Coordinator Laurieann Milligan stated that this was a wonderful idea on Wayne's part and one that we felt great about assisting him with being successful in fulfilling. This falls in line with our mission being part of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association as well as the Heart Safe Community program. Providing Public Education on Cardiac Arrest Risk Factors, Providing CPR training, Deploying AED's, and ensuring that the entire chain of survival is accomplished within our region as well as eliminating sudden cardiac arrest by 2020 are all part of our goals and objectives at Med-Care Ambulance.

If anyone throughout the River Valley is interested in additional information on AED's or to inquire if they would be appropriate to consider within their life please feel free to give Med-Care a call and speak with Laurieann.

Director of Operations Dean Milligan - Having deployed over 60 AED's throughout the River Valley Communities in a multitude of strategic locations it may now be time to focus on deploying them into the homes of high risk cardiac patients. According to statistics on the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association's website more than 66% of sudden cardiac arrest victims occur outside of a medical setting either in their homes, at work, or while recreating. This equates to around 1000 victims per day or about 1 person every 2 minutes. Furthermore, data supports that immediate CPR and early defibrillation dramatically increase the chances of survival. According to the American Heart Association over 50,000 lives annually could be saved annually by implementing an aggressive public awareness and education campaign along with extensive deployments of AED's throughout the Country. A very unique statistic that is worth mentioning is the fact that the highest survival rate of victims having a sudden cardiac arrest event in the United States occur in Casinos whereas almost all of them in the country have AED's and trained staff on site and have over an 80% save rate compared to around 20% if these events occur at home or in the public. For these reasons and statistics and many more like them is why it is part of our mission at Med-Care and one of our highest priorities to provide the public with educational opportunities and advanced medical equipment that can save someone's life.

Wayne Millen stated to Laurieann during their conversations that a big motivator for me to do this was having my brother die at 53 in his home from a sudden cardiac arrest. He was aware that he had coronary artery disease. His wife was home at the time and if he had an AED in the house he may have survived the event. He lives in a rural area similar to me and it takes eight to twelve minutes for an ambulance to arrive-too long as you know to usually help a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.


Director Meets with Senator Susan Collins

Recently Director of Operations Dean Milligan had an opportunity to be part of an award presentation by the Maine Ambulance Association to Senator Susan Collins. Director Milligan currently serves on the Executive Board of the Maine Ambulance Association representing not for profit ambulance services State wide. The award was to recognize Senator Collins for her continued dedication and service on behalf of all Maine Ambulance Services and personnel at the Federal Level. Senator Collins has been a strong voice and advocate for increased Medicare Reimbursement levels for ambulance providers throughout the Country and especially for rural ambulance services in Maine and Nationwide. Senator Collins was also instrumental in sponsoring a bill that has since brought thousands of Automated External Defibrillators to non-traditional locations throughout communities across this Nation. Examples of placement of AED's approved under this program include public schools, airports, police cruisers, fire trucks, town halls, and non-profit community and recreation sites.

After having photos taken Director Milligan had an opportunity to speak directly with Senator Collins about several topics including that Med-Care has teamed up with and deployed over 60 AED's throughout the River Valley Communities since the inception of this program. In Senator Collins speech she eluded to the fact that around 600 had been deployed in Maine which shows that Med-Care has been directly involved with deploying 10% of the entire State's allocation. Senator Collins advised Dean that this program was created exactly for this reason and she knew up front the benefit that these devices would bring to rural Maine. She was ecstatic to hear the stories from so many people across the State of Maine of how these devices have saved lives.

Director Milligan also spoke with Senator Collins about the critical situation that ambulance services in the State of Maine are faced with in providing the highest quality of care to patients but not receiving adequate payments for those services through Medicare. They spoke directly about super rural areas in Maine and how bills supported by Senator Collins ensure an additional 12 to 15 percent reimbursement for services in those areas which includes all of Med-Care's towns. This bill has just recently ended due to the grid lock on the Health Care debate and needs to be a priority to get reinstated immediately. Senator Collins assured Dean that this program has the support of the majority in Senate and will either be renewed on its own merit or incorporated into the larger final healthcare bill.

Lastly Director Milligan had an opportunity to speak with Senator Collins about Stimulus Funding and the fact that Med-Care had put in a request for funding assistance for a new ambulance facility. Senator Collins informed Dean that it was an extremely competitive process but to not give up and to please submit a second request this year for the project funding.

We are extremely happy that our Director had an opportunity to not only meet Senator Collins but to have had the opportunity to speak with her about issues directly affecting our ambulance service and the River Valley Communities that we serve. We felt that it was extremely important to let all of you know that the Director is involved on boards, teams, and committees that take him around the Country, State, and County, which all ultimately have a positive impact on our service to you here at the local level.

  Director meets with Senator Susan Collins

Senator Collins and Director Milligan

Senator Collins

FREE Ski Wednesday!

Bangor Savings Bank, Med-Care Ambulance, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association are teaming up to provide a Free Ski Night at Black Mountain of Maine to show our commitment to all within the River Valley. It is our goal to help bring both financial and a healthy success in 2010 and beyond.

Come enjoy a night out of skiing, snowboarding, tubing, or just relaxing in the lodge and lounge with us.  At the same time take advantage of the professionals from our organizations that will be on site with displays and information. Bangor Savings Bank staff will be on hand to assist you with all of your financial and investing needs to help ensure financial security within your life. At the same time Med-Care and Sudden Cardiac Arrest will have staff on site with numerous displays about healthy living, disease and injury prevention, and youth and adult cardiac screenings to preserve your life.

This is a wonderful opportunity to come out and join others from all over the River Valley in taking advantage of this hidden gem called Black Mountain right in our own backyards. It is our pleasure to be able to provide you and your family with a great healthy opportunity to come out into the fresh air and start the 2010 year off right and hopefully help bring you health and financial security into your life.

 February 10th 4PM - 9PM

  • Free skiing, snowboarding and tubing
  • Free beginner lessons on Moose Run from 5PM - 7PM
  • Save $2.50 on Sat/Sun after FREE Ski Night with your ticket
  • Ski/Snowboard rentals $15.00, shop opens @ 3:45PM
  • Café will be open
  • Last Run Lounge will be open

NOTE: For anyone under 18, rental forms & tubing waivers must be signed by a responsible adult.

For more information & to download forms before arriving, check the mountains website or call the lodge.

Black Mountain of Maine     

39 Glover Road, Rumford, ME 04276

(207) 364-8977     www.skiblackmountain.org

ME Skiers   

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association and Defibtech Team Up to Donate Defibrillator to Community Concepts Chisholm School

The Western Maine affiliate of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association (SCAA), Med-Care Ambulance, in collaboration with Defibtech, has selected the Community Concepts Chisholm School to be the recipient of an automated external defibrillator (AED) which will be presented to Michelle Sprague, program director at an event on October 6th, 2009

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the nation's leading cause of death, resulting in more than 300,000 fatalities each year - exceeding the death rate of lung cancer, breast cancer and HIV/AIDS combined. Only about five percent of SCA victims survive. SCA is caused by an electrical malfunction of the heart, which results in rapid and erratic heart rhythm and then the heart's failure to beat. Through immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the shock of an automated external defibrillator (AED) the heart's natural rhythm can be restored and the victim revived. However, an AED shock is most successful if delivered within the first 7 minutes of the cardiac arrest event. After a more extended period, the heart may not respond to the AED shock, or if it does, the victim could experience brain damage and other complications due to the lack of blood and oxygen flow.

In honor of National AED/CPR Week which was June 1st-7th, Defibtech, a leading manufacturer of AEDs, donated equipment to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association so that its chapters and affiliates could award AEDs to community facilities and locations in need of a life-saving device. Med-Care Ambulance selected Community Concepts Chisholm School as the River Valley recipient.

"Looking geographically at the River Valley and the Non-profit entities within our area it was very logical to consider the Community Concepts Chisholm School as the recipient of this AED. The school and staff do so much to support the vision of healthy families and overall well being for children. Services are tailored toward low income families but they also offer a host of programs to the general public as their mission is as follows: Head Start and Early Head start, Family programs including Children's behavioral health, counseling and support and numerous housing services. There are more than 500 volunteers that help Community Concepts meet its mission on an annual basis. In following with our goal to implement AED's in public places while working hard today for a safer tomorrow we are proud to be deploying this one to the Community Concepts and Chisholm school" said affiliate leader, Laurieann Milligan.

"I am very pleased that we have received an AED that we can place in a school within our community. This is one more layer of protection for all of the children, parents, and educators that walk through those school doors every day. This grant will allow us to distribute our 53rd AED and to create a new partnership with an organization. It is great to know that through our Community Outreach Program in conjunction with SCAA and Defibtech we can provide Community Concepts and the Chisholm School staff with the tools and training to save a life in the event of a cardiac arrest event at their location,"said Med-Care Ambulance's Director of Operations and Chief of Service Dean Milligan.

On this day Community Concepts Chisholm School will take one step closer to making a difference in their staff, children's, and overall community healthy well being. The presentation took place on October 6th, 2009 . Join us in congratulating Community Concepts Chisholm School in taking this proactive measure in fighting this nation's leading cause of death.

"Our singular purpose in partnering with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association is to strengthen the ‘chain of survival' for sudden cardiac arrest victims," said Greg Slusser, Defibtech's vice president of sales and marketing. "Through these donations, the critical time from when a victim suffers SCA to when they receive medical intervention with an AED will be decreased in the communities where they are deployed. We are proud to support the SCA in its mission to spread the word that sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause death in the U.S. and only through public access defibrillation programs can more lives can be saved."

For more information, please contact Laurieann Milligan at laurieann.milligan@med-careambulance.com.

Images from the Donation Event
Western Maine AED Donation Event 100709 #1

Outlining the heart shape; children, staff, volunteers and Med-Care duty crew Captain Berta Broomhall & EMT Norman St. Pierre. Inside the heart shape site manager receiving the AED Michelle Sprague and deploying the AED SCAA Leader Laurieann Milligan

Western Maine AED Donation Event 100709 #2

SCAA Leader Laurieann Milligan, Site manager Michelle Sprague, Captain Berta Broomhall and EMT Norman St. Pierre depicted in photo Med-Care Ambulance with SCAA logo.

Western Maine AED Donation Event 100709 #3

(left to right) Chief Med-Care Ambulance/SCAA Affiliate Leader, Site manager Michelle Sprague, Captain Berta Broomhall and EMT Norman St. Pierre depicted in photo Med-Care Ambulance with SCAA logo

SCAA's Western Maine Affiliate in conjunction with Med-Care Ambulance had a booth at the River Valley Chamber of Commerce's Business Expo 2009 on September 18th and 19th. The Expo was held at Mountain Valley High School in Rumford, Maine. Over 1,500 people attended this 70-exhibitor expo. Best of the Expo awards were given based on the following judging criteria:

  • Was "the message" of the display conveyed to you?
  • Did the booth show what that business was all about?
  • Was the booth neat and organized?
  • Were the booth personnel prepared and ready?
  • How was the overall design of the booth?
  • Did the business have effective use of materials in creating booth display?
  • Was the business original in displaying its product?

In the Non-profit category the SCAA Western Maine Affiliate/Med-Care Ambulance booth was voted #1 Best Exhibitor.

In October 2008, Med-Care Ambulance announced its newest partnership with the Area Youth Football League. Between playoff games a presentation of an Automatic External Defibrillator was presented to League President Scott Gauvin. This will hopefully be the beginning of a relationship throughout the Sandy Andy Football League which includes several other communities including Jay, Turner, Greenwood, Farmington. The ultimate goal will be to deploy an AED within each of these programs so that on any given Sunday every football game played within this league will have an AED present as an additional safety measure for the children and the spectators in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest event. After listening to a presentation by Med-Care about the need for AED's to be present at all sporting events league president Scott Gauvin not only agreed but immediately made the commitment on behalf of the Rumford area league to purchase the first AED as the example for the other league teams to follow. Furthermore, President Gauvin also agreed to allow Med-Care to come to a league coach's meeting to make a presentation on Sudden Cardiac Arrest in young athletes, initiate the challenge to each of the leagues to create a partnership and purchase an AED for their programs, and lastly offer each league free CPR and AED training as part of Med-Care's obligation within the partnership. President Scott Gauvin also said that it is his intention to offer this AED to the Mountain Valley School Administrative District #43 for their usage throughout the year when the AYF program is not in session in an attempt to ensure that during any athletic event happening at Hosmer Field this AED would be available in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest situation.

On July 7th, 2009, SCAA's Western Maine Affiliate was a sponsor of the 7th Annual Golf Tournament at Oakdale Country Club. The sponsorship was used as a opportunity to highlight SCAA and the work of the Western Maine Affiliate. Defibtech donated an AED to Oakdale Country Club for the event, and for their continued use. Proceeds from the tournament benefited the Rumford Rotary Club, and the Rover Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Golf Tourney AED Donation

Pictured left to right: Dean Milligan, Assistant Chief, Chris Moretto, Laurieann Milligan, SCAA Western Maine Affiliate Leader, Paramedic David Florin, Paramedic Toby Martin

Local School District #21 purchased a Defibtech AED for their local Wellness Center. The AED deployment is pictured below.

School AED Deployment

Pictured left to right: Laurieann Milligan, SCAA Western Maine Affiliate Leader, Nurse Kathy Sutton, Health Coordinator and Superintendent Dr. Tom Ward.

Med-Care Ambulance's new logo depicts all of their combined resources to offer a well rounded injury prevention and proactive take on health issues.

Medcare New Logo

Western Maine's 2008 Activity Report

Laurieann Milligan
c/o Med-Care Ambulance
273 Main Street
Mexico, ME 04257
Phone: (207) 364-8748


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