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The Connecticut Chapter of SCAA is based in Naugatuck, Connecticut. Their local campaign, "Give a Beat," has so far raised more than $6,000 to purchase AEDs for schools. Future outreach targets include senior centers and municipal/public centers.

Sherri Hopkins, a registered nurse, and her friend, Lisa Herchenroether, an SCA survivor, also started the Naugatuck HeartSafe Organization.

Obtain Automated External Defibrillators for all Naugatuck schools and public buildings, expand our initiatives to Connecticut, encourage CPR/AED education, support for ICD patients, and other heart failure patients.


Sherri Hopkins and Lisa Herchenroether continue to meet with PTO groups educating on the importance of CPR and AEDs and give the opportunity to use the "Give a Beat" campaign hearts.

CPR classes are held at Naugatuck High School for coaches so they can renew their of first aid, CPR, and AED certification. A portion of the money raised for these classes purchased an AED trainer for the Naugatuck Public Schools.

CPR class being held for Naugatuck School Administrators was held at Maple Hill School. All funds raised at this event were directly donated to our general fund.

CPR classes will be scheduled for teachers, parents and administrators throughout the school year.

Maple Hill School AED dedication to Cheryl Kane in memory of her parents and tireless efforts of Lisa Herchenroether for AED placements in Naugatuck Schools.

Philips Onsite AED Trainer donated to Naugatuck School System by Sherri Hopkins (private donation) This trainer is located in Naugatuck High School nurses room. This unit will be shared with all Naugatuck schools and Naugatuck Athletic Department interested in practicing AED/CPR skills.
Alliance with Lynn Talit developed. She was key component in FAA mandate of AEDs on airlines. Co-venture with Central Connecticut State University to apply for Medtronic grant to provide CPR/AED education for Naugatuck Public and Private Schools students and faculty.

In February, Chapter leader Sherri Hopkins delivers SCAA's statement on Connecticut SB 981 concerning AEDs in schools. Read the statement here
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