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The Minnesota SCA Survivor Network is a non-profit, grassroots organization whose mission is to support SCA survivors and their families, advocate for community access to AEDs, and educate people about SCA and early defibrillation. Its membership engages in community and state-wide AED program planning and advocacy and education for public access to defibrillation.

Among its many accomplishments, the MSCASN has donated dozens of AEDs to Minnesota schools and assisted in the training of students, staff, and community members. MSCASN has also been active on the advocacy front, successfully lobbying Minnesota State Legislators for a mandate requiring all Minnesota State Patrol vehicles to be equipped with AEDs. Visit www.mnscasurvivor.org to learn more about this Affiliate and its many contributions to the community. 

MN Chapter McDonalds Presentation

Last November,at our Monthly Meeting 8 of us contributed $1000.00 in cash to Present to the Rochester Ronald McDonald House on Nov 17th towards purchasing an AED. That day was the Grand Opening of the New "Arch with a Heart" McDonalds Restaurant- The First of it's kind in the country-Designed completely to express the Kids at our local RMH. By the end of January we were able to give the RMH a check for $1500.00 to cover the cost of the AED!

MN SCA Survivor Network Donation to Ronald McDonald House
During our meeting on November 16th, we stumbled into a conversation about
trying to establish a connection with a well known corporation such as
McDonald's or Coca-Cola.  Some time ago we had contact with the management
of the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester trying to encourage them to
consider installing an AED to protect their guests (and staff, of course).
We had not heard anything for quite some time and then a few days ago a call
was received from Paula Haraldson of the Ronald McDonald House indicating
that they had now decided to move forward with obtaining an AED for the
house.  We also realized that there was a new McDonald's grand opening in
Rochester on the 17th which was to include a fund raiser for the Ronald
McDonald House.  We decided that now was a great time to try to help Ronald
McDonald House purchase an AED.  We took a collection in the meeting and
raised $750 on the spot.  We voted to include another $250 from our general
funds, for a total of $1,000, to be presented to Linda Bonow, the executive
director of Ronald McDonald House during this grand opening.

We gathered at the new McDonald's at 9:00 AM on the 17th.  Ron Scheid, our
treasurer and an employee of that McDonald's, spoke briefly to the customers
about what we had done and why we believe it is so important.  He then
presented Ms. Bonow a symbolic presentation check for $1,000.00 which will
be followed by a real check as soon as the AED is invoiced.  Ron also spoke
to other McDonald's executives who happened to be present, in hopes of
getting them to think about AEDs in McDonald's restaurants.
There are many Ronald McDonald House residences across the country - one
near every major medical center.  If we could be part of helping to
encourage all of these facilities to acquire AEDs then we will have made an
even greater contribution.
The attached photo shows (from left to right) Ken Albin, survivor; Steve
Johnston, co-chair; Ron Scheid, treasure; Charlie Butruff, survivor,  Linda
Bonow, Ronald McDonald House Executive Director, Jerry Griffin, survivor and
Erik Ickler, McDonald's Store Manager.

MN Ronal McDonald Donation

Defibrillators work. Just ask the salesman: Woodbury man uses his 'second chance' to promote a life-saver

If not for the product he now sells, Dale Wakasugi would be a dead man.

Nearly two years ago, Wakasugi went into cardiac arrest while refereeing a basketball game at Fridley High School and collapsed on the gym floor. Spectators, including a 16-year-old student, revived him using the school's automatic external defibrillator to shock his heart back to its normal rhythm.

"I was given a second chance," said Wakasugi, adding the survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest is less than 6 percent. "So I feel I'm on bonus time."

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All Activities of MNSCASN for 2010

January 6,2010- Lakeville Take Heart Meeting 9am...Working with a committee of 12 Lakeville people to educate their community in CRP/AED . They asked us (MNSCASN) to help trainer their trainers.

January 7,2010- Snowstorm but still met for our regularly scheduled monthly meeting of MNSCASN at Boston Scientific in Arden Hills, MN. About nine SCA survivors and three ambassadors attended. Much was accomplished and the lunch was superb!!!!

January 8,2010- Gene Johnson Met with Neil Strader the Activities Director for the Lakeville South HS along with Dale Wakasugi to be present as Neil announced to his coaches and other teacher staff members the plan to educate a readiness team of  Coaches, teachers, and students for a rapid emergency response unit. There were 18 people in attendance.

January 9,2010- Ray Eyler, Kim Bermenderfer, Wendell Mogren, and Gene Johnson manned a SCA booth for Take Heart Minnesota. We had about 60 people passing by and chatting and gathering info from us  from 9am-1pm.

January 16,2010- Ray Eyler and Gene Johnson attended a CPR/AED  course for  six newly recruited firefighters of Rockford, MN Fired Dept.. We told our SCA stories and help inform them of the recent equipment additions for the first responders team.

In addition, we spoke briefly to a group of 16 cub scouts being trained upstairs. Told our stories and wished them well in their instructions from the Allina Hospital training team of Kim B. and Raj.

January 19,2010- Another Lakeville meeting  of the 12 members to plan and prepare the methodology of training and information dissemination for the CPR/AED unit. Ray Eyler and Gene Johnson represented the MNSCASN.

January 26,2010-Dale Wakasugi refereed a Lakeville South HS basketball game and spoke at halftime about his episode in Fridley , MN HS of SCA..he also helped kickoff the Lakeville Take Heart Initiative. He spoke to about 300 attendees at the game.

January 29,2010- Kim Bermenderfer called together our MNSCASN  CPR/AED training team and educated us to "be on the same page" with all of our instructions to the Lakeville students that we will encounter in April 8 at the City Hall Forum from 7pm-9pm. The team consists of nine instructors from MNSCASN. And St.Cloud Take Heart.

January 30, 2010- Kim Bermenderfer and Raj held a pre-training meeting with Rockford, MN officials and Fire Dept. personnel to begin a similar  Take Heart Rockford , MN Initiative. About 11 people attended.

February 9,2010- United Hospital Health Fair in the Lobby-Kim Brermenderfer and Sara P. the Take Heart MN booth from 10:30am-2pm. Gene and Ray helped inform passing nurses, doctors, and technicians on updates and new information. 100 people passed by and 50-60 percent stopped.

February 11,2010-Lakeville AED Business owners gathering -Dick Reissner should be contacted and brought to speak  as he has an AED in his butcher shop in Hastings, MN..

Gene , Ray, and Dick will attend. 5-7pm City Hall. Dick did come and did a fine job! We saw and spoke to about 30 people that evening.

February 15,2010-Mended Hearts Cardiomyopathy lecture at Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park... 3pm. Gene and Ray will attend. Informational enrichment content meeting for our speeches. Thirty people attended and the staff showed us the Robotic Surgery Machine that literally assists in less invasive heart by-pass surgery! An amazing, innovative machine to assist doctors perform this delicate surgery! Totally impressive!

February 16,2010- Mended Hearts meeting at Mercy Hospital in the Brian Anderson Room 1. Lunch will be served. Donna Burns will coordinate. Gene should attend as a past visiting MH member and to serve as a substitute/consultant. Our MNSCASN will probably have a booth at the national convention being held here in Mpls. In May 6-9.

February 17,2010- Lakeville Take Heart Initiative meeting- Gene Johnson and Ray Eyler attended and our discussion was about our successful evening of Feb. 11,2010 at the City Hall of Lakeville Forum for the Lakeville Business owners who we're hoping to convince to have AEDs in their establishments for employees and customer possible life saving usage. This planning committee normally has about 15 members but today nine showed up.

February 18,2010- State Capitol Bldg. Rotunda area.. EMT bill..Rally with Buck M and OJ Doyle. Gene and Ray will attend 11:30am-2pm. This rally was to help defend a S.F. 2168 Bill that GAMC Reform Legislation was sponsoring to avoid cuts in Ambulance services. Al Berke, Ray Eyler, Gene Johnson, and Wendell Mogren were the SCA survivors that had a table for supporting the bill along with the adjoining table from Take Heart MN with the St. Cloud group Bob Kempenish, Susie Osakie, and Mike...who worked with Debbie Gillquist and Sara ....

Lots of pictures were taken and we spoke with about 50-60 interested political people in support of the S.F.2168 bill. The TV news people were there ...along with newspaper and website political analysts who spoke with us and recorded our comments.

All in all, a good day of exposure for our MNSCASN and Take Heart MN!

February 18,2010- First planning meeting of the Gov. Fire Prevention State Fair Day with Dan Bernardy... Dale Wakasugi will sit in for Gene and Ray.

February 18,2010- Go Red Day for the women of AHA-  Speak UP! Will be held at the Hilton Airport Hotel in Bloomington.. 9am -1pm. Natasha F. Jeanne K., Dawn B. hopefully will attend.

March 2,2010- Take Heart Lakeville Mtg.- Gene J. and Ray E. attended: Continued planning to train CPR/AED future trainers. Set date for April 8 to do a large group of community volunteers. We had about 12 community committee members help with this task.

March 7,2010- AED/CPR class 10am. For Lee Porath at his church Faith United Methodist in St. Anthony, MN.

We had about 30 people turn out for the  SCA/AED/CPR education portion . Gene Johnson led the training/information/ and discussion questions. They plan to obtain an AED for the church with our assistance and help.

March 11,2010- Monthly MNSCASN meeting in Rochester, MN at Jerry Griffin's home 11am-1pm. We carpooled down a had about nine SCA survivors attend along with our executive board . Total attendees numbered 17 people. Charlie B. our Treasurer resigned and Ron Shied was voted in as his replacement.

March 18, 2010- Ray Eyler attended the planning committee meeting for the Minnesota Fire Fighters State Association State Fair booth and exhibit areas. The committee consists of 18 members.

March 23, 2010- Another Take Heart Lakeville Mtg.- Ray Eyler attended. Continued more planning to train CPR/AED future Trainers. 12 members attended. The long range goal is to train 14,000 people in CPR/AED techniques by year end 2011.

April 5, 2010- Gene Johnson met with Donna Burns the Mended Hearts Coordinator from Chapter 89 at Merch Hospital. The purpose of this meeting was to file the forms for Gene to attend as a Mended Hearts Representative at the Nat'l MH Conv. On May 20-23, 2010.

April 6, 2010- Tuesday, AED/CPR class for John Sweeny 2pm in Roseville, MN. Contact 651-636-5645 Ray and Gene told their stories and gave  the 60 attendees additional information and updates on AEDs and CPR techniques...along with the purpose of our group MNSCASN and how the Kwanis Organization could be involved.

John S. would like us to also speak to his apt. complex unit for possible AED purchasing and placement.

 April 8,2010- Monthly MNSCASN meeting at Alliance Corp in Roseville, MN at the (Take Heart MN Offices) , . 11am-1pm.  19 people attended and planned the future activities of MNSCASN well into August of this year.

April 8,2010 -  Thursday, from 7-9pm. Lakeville City Hall Forum Town Hall Mtg. Scheduled for 7pm. Be sure to call the readiness training team members to attend as a show of readiness! That would include Gene Johnson, Ray Eyler, Dale Wakasugi, Wendell(Skip) Mogren,Jeanne Kalein, and Ralph Bartalotta. Also the St.Cloud group of Susie O.,Mike N.,and Bob K. The actual attendees were about 30 Lakeville, MN  community  people and Gene J.,Ray E, and Dale W. assisted Patty McCulley train the 30 trainees. Dale W. also spoke on the panel between the training sessions.

April 10,2010- Health/BenefitsLabor Fair-Medtronic booth/stage show-Gene J, Dale W, Ray E., Al B. and Ralph B. worked the booth and stage from 8am-3pm. We had about 100 people pass by the booth and stopped to inquire about the latest CPR/AED techniques. A wonderful full day of informative teaching and presentations.

.April 12-13. Monday and Tuesday, the Minnesota Police will hold its Convention in St. Cloud, MN.  We will staff a MNSCASN booth (number 9). Gene Johnson solo'd this event manning the boot on Tuesday, April 13, 2010.  The booth was off the high traffic area and we had sparse passers-by!! From 10am until 4pm we only had about 15 people stop for inquiries!!! Location is everything! Note that for next year!

April 14, 2010- 11:00AM-11:30AM-Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park...Gene spoke  to the leadership staff of Mended Hearts here in the Metro Area about our MNSCASN and how we can educate all Mended Hearts Volunteers with more knowledge and understanding of SCA vs Heart Attacks... and AED/ICD knowledge .

We also plan to have a MNSCAN booth at the National Convention for Mended Hearts being held this year 2010 in May 19-23, Bagging help will be needed on May 17.

April 16,2010- Gene Johnson visited Mended Hearts patients at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapid, MN as a MH volunteer.

On this "Friday afternoon he chatted with our first ICD shocked and saved survivor that we know of in Minnesota! The gentleman's name is Kenneth Butah from Dayton, MN and his ICD unit shocked his heart at least 2-3 times at his home on Monday ,again 2-3 times on April 12th, on Tuesday, April 13thth (in the hospital), and finally, again 2-3 times on Friday, April 16th in/at Mercy Hospital. He had the ICD implanted some time ago as a precautionary measure in case just such an atrial fibrillation should occur. It did (600BPM)!  After a life saving repair job by our Dr. Steven Remole at Mercy, Ken should be good to go and he can resume a somewhat normal life in society again!  These shocks saved his life! He now is a SCA survivor and probably should be listed in our MNSCASN as such!

April 21, 2010- Wednesday meeting with Kim B. Susie O. Bob K., Mike H. and Ray E. training committee for Take Heart Minnesota. Kim will update us on the equipment soon available to each of us and where this equipment will be stored.  This equipment, along with our expertise, will help to train many new trainers in the metro and outstate for the rest of this year.

April 26,2010- CPR/AED training at the Anoka, MN Community State Development Center.6:30-7:30pm. Kim Bermenderfer will lead. Ray Eyler, Dale W. , and Gene J. will also attend and assist Kim.

April 28,2010- Kim B. again will lead a citywide community group of attendee/adult students in CPR/AED techniques assisted by Ray, Gene, Dale, Ralph, and Al.

May 6,2010- Monthly meeting of MNSCASN at Medtronic World Headquarters in Fridley , MN from 11am-1pm.

May 15,2010- CPR/AED classes with Kim B. assisted by Ray E. and Gene J. at Lifetime Fitness Training Center in Lakeville, MN from 9am.-2-m. Dale W. Al B., and Ralph will also assist.

May 17,2010- Volunteer Bagging Day at the Sheraton Hotel in Bloomington. Ralph B., Gene J, and Ray E. will assist the Mended Hearts Coordinators Joe Norstrom and Norm Petrik.

May 19,2010- A 9am morning  meeting of the Take Heart MN education planning committee to be held at Lyndee's in Osseo, MN. . Eight members will attend.

May 19,2010- Another CPR/AED training session at the Anoka Community Development Center with Kim B. 6:30- 7:30pm. Again, Gene J, Ray E. and Dale W will assist.

May 19-23, 2010- Mended Hearts National Convention held in Mpls. This year and we have been invited to staff a MNSCASN booth in return to assist in helping with volunteer duties at the convention. Bagging day will be April 17...help needed.

May 27,2010- Kathy Lewis of the Lakeville, MN Take Heart Initiative needs our help at the Rotary Club CPR/AED training session from 7:30pm-8:30pm. Ray, Gene, and Dale.

June 3,2010- Monthly MNSCASN meeting in Rochester, MN 11am.1pm.

June 5, 2010- Fred Whipple scheduled some SCA survivors to tell our stories to his Rotary Group. I will keep in contact with Fred as to the place, date, and time draws nearer.

June 16,2010- This Wednesday the Take Heart MN Initiative Education Committee will meet at Lyndee's Café again in Osseo, MN at 9am. Eight members.

June 17,2010- Fire Fighters State Fair Booth Mtg.. 10am Libby Bldg. State Fair Grounds

July 8, 2010- MNSCASN monthly meeting...

July 15,2010-FireFighters State Fair Booth Mtg. 10am. Libby Bldg.State Fair Grounds.

August 5, 2010- Monthly MNSCASN meeting 11am-1pm. Location to be announced!

August 18,2010- Take Heart MN Education Committee Mtg in Monticello, MN 9am. Eight members attend.

August 27,2010-...State Fair Booth at the Fire Prevention Day....Details to follow...

Minnesota Affiliate's 2008 Activity Report


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