Men put CPR skills to the test to help a stranger out

From: WECT-TV6

CPR classes are everywhere, but would you know what to do if you were put to the test?

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On Tuesday, two men pulled into GoGas on South 17th Street and saw something they never could have expected. A man was allegedly lying between the pump and his car, with the pump's handle still in his hand.

Jason Smith and Kyle Winstead say some people were standing around him, but not doing anything. Without thinking, the two men rushed over, told someone to call 911 and started CPR.

"When we came running around the corner he was blue, I mean he was blue," said Smith. Winstead said they checked and the man didn't have a pulse.

"It was intense, everyone was panicking," said Smith. Eventually Jason says he had to pull the stranger's mouth open and start breathing into it, while Kyle continued the compressions.

"There was no time to think, we just did it," explained Smith. He says what they did worked. "He started breathing again, we checked him for a pulse, he had a pulse." They say the man was rushed to the hospital, and later they say EMS told them the stranger survived.

They say it speaks to the importance of learning CPR.

"Anyone could be anywhere and they could be in the same position," explained Winstead. "Everyone should learn CPR."

Jason says it's a simple thing to learn and it can make a big difference.

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