Youngsters' efforts help buy life-saving machine

From: Derby Telegraph

A YOUTH club that has been fund-raising to equip its village with a  life-saving machine in memory of a policeman has reached its £2,500 target.

Chellaston Youth Club set about raising the money for a defibrillator at the  start of the summer in memory of PC Bruce Stevenson who died suddenly of a heart  attack earlier this year.

Keith and Debbie Brampton started the youth club in 2010 and wanted to get  the youngsters involved in fund-raising for a cause which would benefit the whole community.

They embraced the challenge and now, after almost five months of events, such  as cycle rides to Skegness, a 124-mile run around the county and a non-uniform  day at Chellaston Academy that raised £278, the target has been reached.

Keith said: "We are so pleased we've got all the funds together, it's brought  us all so much closer together as a group and got the money raised in memory of  a great guy."

PC Stevenson died at Cotton Lane police station in January aged just 47. In  total, £2,000 has gone towards the cost of the fully automatic defibrillator and the extra £500 will stay in a kitty, to  be used when any repair work is needed or routine maintenance.

The defibrillator is to be mounted on the side of the library, in Barley  Croft, and will be easily accessible to the whole community should it be  needed.

Keith said: "We hope it never has to be used, but it's there if it is  necessary.  We want it so it can save lives if it is required."

Six volunteers – including Keith and Debbie – will be trained how to use it,  along with members of Chellaston Residents' Association.

But, Keith said, the defibrillator is fully automatic and talks the user  through how to use it.

He said: "There will be about 12 of us to begin with who are trained, but  it's open to whoever wants to be.

"But it is all automatic, that's something that we knew we definitely wanted,  to make it so that the whole community could use it if needed."

John Leek was one of the youth club volunteers who walked 134 miles to raise  money for the defibrillator.

His 11-year-old daughter Becky is a regular attendee at the centre and John  wanted to get involved to help them to their aim.

John, who works at Rolls-Royce, said: "There was a group of us that walked  some of the Pembrokeshire coast road. I did 124-miles of it.

"Having a defibrillator in the village is a great cause to get behind and it  will help lots of people in the future."

Maisie Wright and Chloe Chadwick, are both 11, and took part in littler picks  and other sponsored events to raise money for the defibrillator.

Chloe said: "The youth club is so much fun and it's been amazing to do  something for such a good cause."

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