Survival Rate From Sudden Cardiac Arrest Higher at Fitness Facilities

From: Counsel & Heal

One of the most fatal aspects of suffering from a cardiac arrest is the capricious nature of this type of attack. Since cardiac arrest occurs randomly and quite suddenly, one's ability to seek help can be greatly hindered. According to a new study, researchers found that people who suffer from sudden cardiac arrest have a greater survival rate if the event occurred within fitness facilities.

Based from previous studies and statistics, even though people who exercise frequently have an overall reduced risk of suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest, the risk for this condition increases immediately post-workout. For people who exercise but have underlying health issues that could be tied to lifestyle habits or genetics, experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest at the fitness center is possible. Fortunately for these people, a new study found that fitness facilities are well equipped with automated external defibrillator (AED) and other factors that increase one's survival rates.

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