Hudson man, 49, survives heart attack thanks to CPR

From: Hudson Hub-Times

Studies have shown that performing CPR can significantly increase cardiac arrest victim’s chances of survival, and John Ganley, 49, of Hudson, understands the importance of CPR better than most.

In June, Ganley went to his men’s over-40 softball league game feeling completely normal and ended his evening in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. An upset stomach in the seventh inning caused him to vomit, but wasn’t alarming. He decided to play catcher as a way of ‘taking it easy” for the remainder of the game.

“I remember catching one pitch, and then waking up in the hospital,” recalled Ganley, who collapsed after that pitch.  Later, his family and teammates told Ganley he had stopped breathing and had no pulse.

Dee Edwards, a teammate, and Thad Bosman, a member of the opposing team immediately began CPR while others called 911. When emergency personnel arrived, they used an AED in an effort to restart Ganley’s heart. The spouse of one of Ganley’s teammates contacted his wife and family, and they rushed to Summa Akron City Hospital.

His physician in the emergency room, Michael Hughes, MD, MBA, FACC, put a stent into a main artery. The type of heart attack that he suffered commonly referred to as the “widow maker” because sudden occlusion of this artery can often lead to death. Ganley was also placed into a coma along with a cooling suit to prevent brain damage.

His recovery, thus far, has been very successful. With regular medical care, a healthy diet and medications, Ganley is expected to resume his normal activities.

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