Child’s death sparks postal workers to get CPR training

From: Georgetown times

Lesley Eastham, a firefighter/paramedic with Georgetown County Fire/EMS, taught a CPR class for about a dozen employees of the Andrews Post Office on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The class was in response to the recent death of a toddler in Andrews, who drowned in a swimming pool at a home on Hazel Avenue.

John T. “Tim” Tyler, a mail carrier in Andrews, came upon the situation while working his route and tried to help by performing CPR on the child.

Tyler is a former EMT.

“We got to thinking about what would have happened if we had been there and we had never had the training that Tim had,” said Karen Hanna, also a mail carrier with the Andrews Post Office. “Would we have to stand there twiddling our thumbs and just watching?”

She never wanted to be put in that position, so she suggested the CPR class and her co-workers jumped on board.

“We do encounter a lot of incidents when we’re on the street delivering mail, and out in the country,” Hanna said.

Though Tyler is already trained in CPR, he was among the attendees in the class, using it as a refresher course.

Georgetown County Fire/EMS and Midway Fire Rescue regularly teach CPR classes. Anyone can sign up for the classes, and businesses or groups can arrange to have a class at their location. The class covers how to use a defibrillator and other life-saving techniques for babies, children and adults.

For more information about CPR classes, contact Georgetown County Fire/EMS at 545-3271 or Midway Fire Rescue at 545-3620.

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