2-year-old saved from drowning at Missoula pool

From: The Missoulian

A 2-year-old girl who was floating unconscious in a Missoula swimming pool was rescued by two Corvallis brothers and a nurse who performed CPR until paramedics arrived, police said.

Officers say the girl was conscious and breathing at Community Medical Center Thursday evening. A hospital spokesman on Friday said the girl's parents asked for privacy, but said she is doing well.

Six-year-old Paytn Griffin spotted the girl in the water at Splash Montana on Thursday afternoon, but at first he didn't think she was real.

"I thought it was a doll, but it was just a normal person," Paytn told the Missoulian.

He told his 14-year-old brother, Brock Perkins, who cradled the purple-lipped girl in his arms and hurried her to a lifeguard.

"I was scared," Brock said.

Nurse Rena Denning saw what was happening and performed CPR.

"I was just doing my job," said Denning, who has been a nurse for 13 years. "I was just being a mom and doing my job and doing what anybody would who had the skills to do them," she said.

While Denning was attending to the girl, Brock ran to his mother.

"And I couldn't stop shaking and I was praying she'd be OK," he said.

The 2-year-old Missoula girl was at the water park with family members, police said. Her name has not been released.

Brock said he realizes what he did was heroic.

"I'm just shocked that it was me that saved her," he said.

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