Community leader's life saved with husband's CPR training

From: WHBQ Fox 13, Memphis

"Most people take CPR classes not thinking that they'll have to use it," says  Pat Scroggs, former Germantown Chamber of Commerce President.

Her  husband, Larry Scroggs, had to use it sooner than he thought; in November, Pat  had sudden cardiac arrest.

"I went to sleep for about 15 minutes and I  woke up, had some type of noise, gasping sound that he immediately knew I had  stopped breathing and there was no pulse. He really thought I was gone," recalls  Pat, "High energy women that have not had any type of health problem, for  whatever reason their heart stops."

She says her husband dialed 911 while  immediately starting CPR chest compressions. Pat says Larry told her that she  regained color in her face twice while he was doing CPR.

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