UHealth Launches Clinic to Reduce Sudden Cardiac Deaths in Athletes

From: Health Canal

A serious road biker, Michael Gale was in a Broward County cafe discussing his upcoming 100-mile ride in hilly Mount Dora when his head abruptly slumped to his chest. Fortunately, a nurse who was dining nearby realized the 58-year-old fitness industry executive was in sudden cardiac arrest and administered CPR, triggering the emergency response that initially saved his life.

“I had no trauma, no pain, no warning. My head just dropped,” Gale recalls of that Thursday in September 2010. “But I had good timing on my side — and a lot of luck.”

Today, UHealth cardiologists are hoping to put more than luck on the side of high-intensity recreational athletes like Gale, as well as competitive athletes and others embarking on new exercise programs, by establishing a monthly clinic at University of Miami Hospital focused on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and other inherited and acquired causes of life-threatening heart rhythm disturbances. 

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