Use of CPR by Marshfield woman, others, helps save heart attack victim


The decision by a Marshfield woman to head to Silver Dollar City at the end of her children’s spring break resulted in a life-changing event for at least one person and a life-saving one for another.

Going to the popular Branson attraction is a regular occurrence for Stephanie Clift, Marshfield, and her family, as they are season pass holders. But little did she know as she visited the park March 15 that she would be presented with the opportunity to save a stranger’s life.


With a total of five children in tow — two of her own, two of sister Mandy Espy’s, and a friend — the sisters wondered if they should even go to SDC that day, as it was the second day of the season and certain to be busy.

“We just decided to take it on, and when we got there, all the lines were horribly long. So we couldn’t ride any rides,” Clift said. “So we decided to go to Grandfather’s Mansion.”

After the kids went through the funhouse, Clift wanted to walk down a hill to get a snack before attempting to ride a roller coaster. It was on the way there that she encountered then-64-year-old Jerry Stearman, an SDC employee.

“We took the back way so that we didn’t have to go through the crowd,” she said. “And apparently, that’s what the guy was thinking too — to take the back way. He was getting supplies for the deli he works at. He was carrying a big box of cups.”

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