Back from the dead, man thanks life-saving EMTs

From: The Daily News

Kristin McAdoo knows how it feels to save a life.

Just don’t ask her to put it into words.

“It’s an indescribable feeling,” said McAdoo, a member of Ridgeway Volunteer Fire Company and an EMT for 21 years.

On May 5, she was working with fellow firefighters and EMTs at a gun raffle sponsored by the fire company, when someone yelled a man needed help.

Gerald Bennett, 70, of Lockport had slumped over in his chair.

“A man sitting next to me asked if he was all right,” said Gerald’s wife Kathy Bennett. “I said I thought he must be having a seizure, although he has never had one before.”

Fireman Charles Smith, who is also a paramedic, was the first to get to Bennett. He laid him on the floor and called for McAdoo.

Katie Tuohey, also an EMT came up and saw Bennett was already purple. When McAdoo heard a shout, “He has no pulse,” she raced to the wall and grabbed the defibrillator.

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