Quick thinking mom saves teen's life

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Doctors are crediting a single mom from Mead with saving the life of one her son's young baseball teammates Thursday.

14-year-old Cole Patterson collapsed during baseball practice Thursday but was kept alive by a Good Samaritan who wouldn't give up.

The young ballplayers were finishing up their afternoon practice by jogging in the outfield when suddenly Cole Patterson collapsed. A lot of people panicked, but fortunately one parent, Deanna Martin, didn't.

"We were running poles and back and forth is one and we had five of them and then Cole went up to the coach, wasn't feeling well and like collapsed," Deanna's son Gabe Martin said.

Deanna Martin and the parents of the other players were having a team meeting when they heard the commotion and then someone yelled for a doctor. She immediately began moving to the outfield where Patterson was.

"When I came upon him he was really working hard to try and stay with us but shortly after I got there, maybe 10 seconds, he stopped breathing," Martin said.

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