Mother dies, gives birth, is brought back to life

From: MSN Nine News World

A US woman has died, given birth while her heart was not beating and then been brought back to life by doctors to find she is a new mother.

Erica Nigrelli was 36 weeks pregnant and teaching at a high school in Missouri City, Texas in February when she began feeling unwell, KPRC reports.

The 32-year-old walked into a co-worker's classroom, told her she felt "very faint" and suddenly passed out.

Three teachers began performing CPR and Mrs Nigrelli's husband Nathan, who teaches at the same school, rushed into the room and called an ambulance.

"Erica was lying on the floor, she was foaming and making gurgling sounds and just staring up," Mr Nigrelli said.

When Mrs Nigrelli arrived at hospital doctors could not find a pulse and determined her heart had stopped beating.

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