Cardiologists jump-start national defibrillator study

From: Amarillo Globe-News

A Cardiology Center of Amarillo surgeon recently became the first in the U.S. to implant a new type of surgically-installed defibrillator that may help heart failure patients who don’t benefit from conventional defibrillators, cardiologist Coty Jewell said.

Jewell, who installed the first Quadripolar CRT-D device May 1, said he installed the device as part of a St. Jude Medical study. He said its development is the most important milestone of his career.

The new device can shock multiple points of the heart to help it more effectively pump blood, Jewell said. Conventional defibrillators work by “pacing” the heart into rhythm with an electric shock, which works for about seven out of 10 patients, Jewell said.

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