Timothy Francis White

Timothy White (Full)May 15, 1957 – August 23, 2008

Our lives were shattered the morning of August 23, 2008, as my husband and my little girl's daddy became a victim of sudden cardiac death.  Tim was in the best shape of his life, exercising, eating right, and an all around healthy and vibrant man. It started off like any other Saturday morning but quickly turned so tragic - words simply cannot describe the pain, anguish and loss we feel.

I’d like to share some excerpts from his friends, as they truly captured his essence and spirit.   


Condolence from: Melissa Mooney-Mills
Tim and Vicky came into my life almost 20 yrs ago when I was fortunate enough to have Vicky as a boss. I now know that the best thing about that job was meeting her and Tim as a couple. We became fast and furious friends quickly…that was easy! They are simply the best!  Prior to Vic’s transfer to Arizona the friendship was sealed and on subsequent business trips to Arizona they opened their home warmly and always insisted I stay. By then, they were two of my best friends. Yes, I knew every visit would be spent debating the latest ‘hot topics’ with Tim…and that was indeed a warm inviting part of the stay….over pizza of course! We always seemed to be on opposite poles. To this day, I know he just loved the mental acrobats and the ‘kiss and make up’. And then there were the debates about the NY Giants….well, Tim constantly attested that they were a ‘Real’ team….I often gave in to that as he was quite passionate about ‘his’ team and I felt sorry that they were always bottom rung at that time. But they came back to the top as Tim always knew they would.   He was quite the guy!  No doubt that he was a goal setter and so driven to always make a better life for himself and the wife he loved so dearly. Tim set, met and achieved his goals …and further succeeded in them.

Yet there was one moment that stands out in the past 20 years as his tone was quite different.  Laura, the day your Dad called me to tell me that you were “gifted” to him and your Mom.  Well, he was bursting in pride beyond compare! He had a little girl and “she was so beautiful!” Never again was a conversation just about work, goals, and success…it was about what a proud Father he was!! Laura, you were ALWAYS his biggest brag of all! In closing, Tim was a great Guy, a great Husband, a great Father and just a great Friend. Who could have a better legacy of his life with all of us? He’s left a ‘footprint’ with all who knew him! This is ‘his mark’, and I just know Tim is smiling down saying “See?”…and I’ll just bet he has a NY Giant jersey on!  I’ll see you ‘around the block’ Timmy, I Love you, and I’ll miss you man!

Condolence from: Karyn & Eric Fought
Tim was like a box of chocolates because he possessed many qualities that made him special.  Here are a few things that we loved about our friend Tim.  For starters, he was a collector.  He collected a lot of things, like Disney pins, Lladro figurines, Polonaise Christmas ornaments, tools, trains, and records.  He collected many friends, as well.  Tim was a skilled story teller.  His stories usually started off with “So I was driving into work today…” or “so I woke up this morning…”  His stories always were told with levity and humor and you couldn’t help but laugh as he spun his tale.  He was passionate about everything he did and loved and was devoted to his wife and daughter.

He was intelligent.  Tim once told me that the people from New Jersey were some of the wittiest people he met, but I know he could match wits with the smartest of folks from anywhere.  He had a huge heart and was incredible generous.  We exchanged many gifts over the years and he always gave the best gifts.  Every gift he purchased was selected after much thought; they always had a special meaning to them.  But, the gift we treasure most from him was his love, sense of humor and friendship. Tim was more than our friend; he was a part of our family.  He was indeed like a box of fancy chocolates; what he had inside made him truly special!

Condolence from: Robin Parsons 
The first thing I noticed when I met Tim was the unexplained banana stickers plastering the back of his monitor. The second was the humor sparkling in his eyes, and the third, his infectious laugh. Tim was always sharing funny stories with us. He loved to tease, but couldn't bear to see another soul in pain, often stopping to give a handout to the homeless or sometimes just a few friendly words. He inspired us with his energy and enthusiasm and was always willing to explain his thoughts and share his knowledge on pretty much any topic. He could see right to the heart of something that was bothering you even when you couldn't see it yourself, and then would generously include you in his wisdom and insights with "You and I can see that..." Timmy, my friend, you will be sorely missed. 

Condolence from: Marci & Reed Johnson and Macy 
We are so sorry for the loss of your daddy and husband. He was such a sweet, gentle, funny dad. I remember so well every time I visited your home, there was another really amazing project you had completed together. He had a lot of pride in your home, and in the sweat equity he put into it. What a treasure it was for Laura to have a custom-built house of her own in the backyard, where she and her friends could play. What a fun part of Christmas to have your living room filled with a massive train set, weaving through a snowy village, with lots of moving parts and unique accent pieces. I loved the fact that Tim always seemed as excited about the train set as Laura (or Vicky)! Tim was obviously a kid at heart, yet the best of dads. I can't think of another dad seen as often at the school...At birthday parties...At school events. Laura was truly blessed with a "doting dad." What great memories that will provide for her as she matures and reflects on those wonderful times. Now your dad will be your angel, Laura, and I'm sure he'll try to be a part of your life in whatever ways he can. 


Timothy Francis White, 51, of Gilbert, AZ passed away August 23, 2008.  He graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology in Phoenix and worked as senior applications developer/analyst for Maricopa County Environmental Services.  Previously, Timothy served in the Navy for 10 years and attended the Presidio Language Training Center in Monterey, CA.  He is survived by his wife of 14 years, Vicky White of Gilbert; daughter Laura White of Gilbert; and brother Keith White of North Carolina.  

Our hearts still ache in sadness and secret tears still flow. What it meant to lose you no one else can truly know; too long these few past years. 
Te Desidero, Timmy.  Your loving wife and daughter, Vicky and Laura White

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