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The San Joaquin Valley Chapter is a newly formed chapter lead by Judy Mims, a survivor of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in November of 2008.  Along with her sisters who are both nurses, they have a passion for teaching awareness of SCA and its differences from heart attacks, and placing more AED’s in high schools, middle and elementary schools, churches, and major retail stores.  The chapter will also promote CPR training and hope to begin a program similar to the Somerset Project in secondary schools and intermediate elementary grades.  Judy’s own cardiologist is the medical director and her first responders are anxious to join.  She also hopes to involve Dr. Michael Fowler, head of the heart transplant center at Stanford University. 

Other goals include fund raising, and setting up booths at health fairs and Lodi’s fall/spring street fair.  Monthly meetings will begin in early February, 2011.  The location is yet to be determined but we are working with St. Joseph’s Hospital in Stockton to secure a room.


Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor Judy Mims Works To Spread Awareness

On a November morning in 2008, Judy Mims experienced sudden cardiac arrest.

Though she was only given a 5 percent chance of surviving, today she tells her story of survival, hoping to make others aware that sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone.

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Local Victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Wants More People to be Educated, Saved

There is a big difference between a heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest, and Judy Mims wants you to know the difference. Sudden cardiac arrest means that you stop breathing, and you are likely to die without cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and shock treatment from a defibrillator. You can still have a pulse with a heart attack.  Complete story

Judy Mims celebration






Bob Bates/News-Sentinel Judy Mims, center, who barely survived sudden cardiac arrest in 2008, honored the rescue workers who saved her life. From left: Chad Sibbet, a paramedic from American Medical Response; Lodi firefighter Todd Wagner; Engineer Dave Mettler; and Capt. Brian Jungeblut.




Judy Mims
2577 Poppy Drive
Lodi, CA
209 339-4486 (Home)
209-663 7150 (Cell)


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