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The Greater Atlanta Chapter is committed to SCA prevention via early identification of risks for SCA. Lisa Williams, the chapter leader, is a registered nurse with over 15 years of experience. She is currently working in electrophysiology and initiated and currently manages a support group for patients that received ICD implants. Educating the public on prevention and early recognition is especially important because her father is a recipient of an ICD.

The Greater Atlanta Chapter's focus will be on prevention by way of educating primary care physicians and the general public about ejection fractions. The second focus will be on peer support, offering support to survivors of SCA and ICD recipients, their family and friends. As these initiatives take form, additional initiatives such as AED distribution will be undertaken.



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April 2, 2010:  The Suwanee Sports Academy was recognized for being prepared with an AED for a recent save in December 2009. The survivor (49 year-old male) was playing basketball at the Sports Academy when he suddenly felt light headed and passed out. A bystander immediately started CPR and called for an AED. Following the event, the survivor had bypass surgery. The Suwanee Sports Academy was given a gift and a certificate by the Fire Chief of Gwinnett County. The Greater Atlanta Chapter of SCAA awarded The Suwanee Sports Academy with an AED wall unit and signage to display their AED for easy access. This event was televised on Fox 5 News, CBS news, and another local television station.

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Pictured are the Survivor and and his family with Gwinnett County Fire Chief Greg Schaffer.

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Pictured are:  Jeremy Webb with Gwinnett County EMS Community Risk Reduction Education and the Gwinnett County Fire Chief Greg Schaffer along with Lisa Williams, SCAA Greater Atlanta Chapter Leader and Andrea Foster of the Junior Healthy Heart Project..


Gwinnett County Receives Heart Device

Gwinnett commissioners Tuesday night accepted the donation of an automatic external defibrillator, known as an AED, from the Southern Cardiac Arrest Association of Greater Atlanta.

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