Fellows' Early Career Award

The Fellows Early Career Award honors a current member of the Rhetoric Society of America who has established an innovative and robust research record within eight years of having earned the Ph.D. degree. Fellows Early Career Award nominees should have a clear and impressive record of scholarly research, and they should exhibit the potential to contribute significantly to the field of rhetorical studies. A complete nomination file for the Early Career Award should include: (1) a letter of nomination that outlines the nominee’s credentials, (2) the nominee’s curriculum vitae, and (3) a copy of one chapter or article that best represents the quality and direction of the nominee’s scholarship. Self-nominations are welcome but should be accompanied by an additional letter of support. 

Recipients, to be selected annually, will be selected by a committee composed of RSA Fellows to be named by the chair of the Awards Committee. 

The Awards will be presented by a representative of the Fellows at the biennial RSA Conference. 

Letters of nomination should address the following:

  1. A brief (~25 word) introductory statement of the nominee's major accomplishments that justify the nomination.
  2. A description of the nominee’s major research contribution and why is it considered leading edge. Relevant scholarly achievement is understood broadly as including not only books, articles and chapters, but also editorial work, public scholarship, and scholarship of teaching; such work may appear in either traditional printed form or in digital or other media. 
  3. Ways in which this nominee's potential and current work have been recognized as especially promising.
  4. Influence on rhetorical education through publications, teaching activities, outreach, mentoring, etc.

Deadline for nominations: February 16, 2018.

Submit all nomination materials electronically to the RSA 2017-18 Awards Chair

Vanessa B. Beasley
Vanderbilt University
The Ingram Commons, 230
Appleton Place, PMB 621
Nashville, TN 37203