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RSQ Volume 43
Number 3

2013 Special Issue on Comparative Rhetorics

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TCSLINKTONEWS[77362|Mao, LuMing|layout_details|_blank]
Special Issue, 43:3, pages 209-225
Beyond Bias, Binary, and Border: Mapping out the Future of Comparative Rhetoric

TCSLINKTONEWS[77364|Wang, Bo |layout_details|_blank]
Special Issue, 43:3, pages 226-242
Comparative Rhetoric, Postcolonial Studies, and Transnational Feminisms: A Geopolitical Approach

TCSLINKTONEWS[77365|Garret, Mary|layout_details|_blank]
Special Issue, 43:3, pages 243-255
Ties to a Tree: Culture and Self-Reflexivity

TCSLINKTONEWS[77366|Ashby, Dominic|layout_details|_blank]
Special Issue, 43:3, pages 256-269
Uchi/Soto in Japan: A Global Turn

TCSLINKTONEWS[77368|Lipson, Carol|layout_details|_blank]
Special Issue, 43:3, pages 270-284
Comparative Rhetoric, Egyptology, and the Case of Akhenaten

TCSLINKTONEWS[77369|Lloyd, Keith|layout_details|_blank]
Special Issue, 43:3, pages 285-299
Learning from India’s Nyaya Rhetoric: Debating Analogically through Vada’s Fruitful Dialouge

TCSLINKTONEWS[77370|Swearingen, C. Jan |layout_details|_blank]
Special Issue, 43:3, pages 300-309
Tao Trek: One and Other in Comparative Rhetoric, A Response