Complete Story

RSQ Volume 51,
Number 1

Winter 2021

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OHL, Jessy J.
Winter 2020, 51.1, pages: 2-14
Of Beetles and Men: Public Memory, Southern Liberal Kitsch, and the Boll Weevil Monument at 100

Winter 2020, 51.1, pages: 15-26
Toward a Rhetorical Account of Refugee Encounters: Biometric Screening Technologies and Failed Promises of Mobility

Winter 2020, 51.1, pages: 27-41
An Archival Framework for Affirming Black Women’s Bisexual Rhetorics in the Primus Collections

Winter 2020, 51.1, pages: 42-54
From Sunlight to Shadow and Back Again: Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta and the Function of Analogical Reasoning in Mesopotamian Rhetoric

GIBBONS, Michelle G.
Winter 2020, 51.1, pages: 55-70
Rhetorics of the Cognitive Vernacular: Blame Amid the Opioid Crisis

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