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Top Ten Downloaded RSQ Articles in 2009

Top Ten Downloaded RSQ Articles in 2009 

Taylor & Francis, publisher of Rhetoric Society Quarterly, now provides RSA with data from its Informaworld™ online platform, which offers RSQ in electronic form to institutional and individual subscribers. Data collected on Informaworld includes uses from certain other gateways, such as Ingenta (but not EBSCO). 

Data from 2009 show a total of 2851 full-text article downloads. The table below lists the RSQ articles that were downloaded the most frequently in 2009. Congratulations to these authors on publishing “top-ten” articles! 

Informaworld provides RSA members with access to all RSQ content, from volume 1 (1968) (please see the For Members link). 

Carolyn Miller, RSQ Editor



Article Title

Volume (issue)—Year

Number of downloads for 2009

Susanna Kelly Engbers

With Great Sympathy: Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Innovative Appeals to Emotion

37(3) – 2007


Kathleen Lamp

The Ara Pacis Augustae: Visual Rhetoric in Augustus' Principate

39(1) – 2009


Michael‐John DePalma; Jeffrey M. Ringer; Jim Webber

(Re)Charting the (Dis)Courses of Faith and Politics, or Rhetoric and Democracy in the Burkean Barnyard

38(3) – 2008


Kevin McClure

Resurrecting the Narrative Paradigm: Identification and the Case of Young Earth Creationism

39(2) – 2009


Jeff Rice

Urban Mappings: A Rhetoric of the Network

38(2) – 2008


Ekaterina Haskins

Between Archive and Participation: Public Memory in a Digital Age

37(4) – 2007


Diane Davis

Identification: Burke and Freud on Who You Are

38(2) – 2008


Elizabeth C. Britt

Dangerous Deliberation: Subjective Probability and Rhetorical Democracy in the Jury Room

39(2) – 2009


James Fredal

Why Shouldn't the Sophists Charge Fees?

38(2) – 2008


Alan G. Gross

Toward a Theory of Verbal–Visual Interaction: The Example of Lavoisier

39(2) – 2009


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