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RSQ Volume 40
Number 3

Summer 2010

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TCSLINKTONEWS[30552|CRICK, Nathan and GABRIEL, Joseph|layout_details|_blank] 
Summer 2010, 40:3
The Conduit Between Lifeworld and System: Habermas and the Rhetoric of Public Scientific Controversies

TCSLINKTONEWS[30553|BOKSER, Julie A.|layout_details|_blank]
Summer 2010, 40:3
Sor Juana's Divine Narcissus: A New World Rhetoric of Listening 

TCSLINKTONEWS[30554|CHARNEY, Davida H.|layout_details|_blank]

Summer 2010, 40:3
Performativity and Persuasion in the Hebrew Book of Psalms: A Rhetorical Analysis of Psalms 116 and 22 

TCSLINKTONEWS[30555|KENNERLY, Michele|layout_details|_blank]
Summer 2010, 40:3
Getting Carried Away: How Rhetorical Transport Gets Judgment Going