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RSA - 2010 Conference Program Update

To Participants in the RSA Conference in Minneapolis:

Since taking over as Conference Director in the wake of the terrible loss of Michael Leff, I have been working with Michael's University of Memphis colleagues Melody Lehn and Camisha Smith (actually, most of the "working" has been theirs!) to complete arrangements for our event in Minneapolis.  The experience is giving me even more reason to anticipate that our conference will be an outstanding intellectual and professional event.  

The response to our Call for Papers was tremendous, and we will have record attendance.  Conference participants are now registered, and the program will be spectacular in quality, thanks to the presentations that you have promised.  So our next task is to complete a draft program schedule for your information and inspection.  That way you can make plans, travel and otherwise, for the conference.

Right now I anticipate that we will have information on your presentation and session available to you on or about March 8. Until then I appreciate your understanding and patience, and join you in anticipating a memorable gathering.

Jack Selzer

Past President and Conference Director  

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