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RSA - Registration Open for the Minneapolis Convention



It is December 1, and as promised, we have registration up and running for the 2010 RSA Convention.  To register for the convention, go to the RSA home page and click on the box marked Conferences and Institutes.  When that page opens, go to the column on the far left and click on registration.  Then follow the directions for registering. We have held the rates to the same pricing as in 2008 - $150 for RSA members, $80 for RSA student members. Non member pricing is $210 for faculty or $110 for students.

And if you also want to reserve a room at the Marriott City Centre (a good idea to do early-it's a nice hotel and cheap), click on hotel information, which is also found on the far left side of the page, and you will have all the information needed to make a reservation.  Remember that those who intend to present at the convention must register by February 15 or lose their place on the program.  Also if you want to attend the luncheon on Sunday (and it's something no one would want to miss), you should check the appropriate box on the registration form and do it pronto because only 480 places are available.  So don't wait.  Register and reserve now.  The conference promises to be as exciting as our 2008 extravaganza and will feature a cast of many hundreds of rhetoricians, all talking in the same place and even sometimes at the same time. 

The Research Network: Sharing Work in Progress has enrolled eighty-four participants and fourteen facilitators-a record number!  We will have information about the Research Network sent to those involved before the end of the week.  The ISHR/RSA seminar continues for its fourth iteration, with Laurent Pernot leading a group of twenty-five scholars.  Plans for the supersessions are nearing completion, and they promise to be-ok I'll say it-super.  Information about them will be sent out before Christmas.  And we have a wonderfully diverse and interesting array of programs with presenters from many countries and with as many attitudes about rhetoric as there are definitions of what it is. 

I look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis! 


Mike Leff
President Elect and Program Coordinator

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