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RSQ Volume 39
Number 1

Winter 2009

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TCSLINKTONEWS[10743|LAMP, Kathleen|layout_details|_blank]
Winter 2009, 39:1, pages 1-24
The Ara Pacis Augustae: Visual Rhetoric in Augustus' Principate

TCSLINKTONEWS[10742|VERHOEVEN, Betsy|layout_details|_blank]
Winter 2009, 39:1, pages 25-45
 "Caloipe," "Mary Lovetruth," and "A Female American": Women Editorialists during the American Revolutionary Era

TCSLINKTONEWS[10741|FERNHEIMER, Janice W.|layout_details|_blank]
Winter 2009, 39:1, pages 46-72
Black Jewish Identity Conflict: A Divided Universal Audience and the Impact of Dissociative Disruption

TCSLINKTONEWS[10741|TRASCIATTI, Mary Anne|layout_details|_blank]
Winter 2009, 39:1, pages 73-94
Letter Writing in an Italian Immigrant Community: A Transatlantic Tradition